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Mckenzie and Caldwell may not be a bad thing

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Both come from teams that build through the draft. FA is for backups which means you are never in CAP he11. For example the Colt's entire 22 man starters have never played for anyone else but the Colts.

If Caldwell comes to Atlanta then it may mean Hue stays. I would hope that many of you feel as I do that the team responsed to him as OC for the last couple of games. His philosphy can move easier to the Colts offense than probably anyones.

Believe it or not we do have some talent on our team. LR and White can catch. What a concept if Norwood became the other TE in a two TE set. We could throw the out like the Colts do to their TE and NO ONE would catch Norwood. Also everyone knows he is not an every down back.

More and more college DL are coming out for the draft. RB are coming out also.

With the picks we have this year we could get for example Ainge and a Rice in the late 2nd or 3rd round with building our OL and DL in the 1st and 2nd rds. I am not advocating for those two players but just to give an idea that building this year can be done. Just an idea but I think it could work. We could actually have a contender next year and the next, and the next ...

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while i definitely don't want to waste a top 5 pick on a QB in this draft, I'd gladly put our future in Matt Ryan's hands over Ainge. I'm a Georgia Boy living in Tennessee, all of my friends here are die hard Vols. I've never seen a fanbase hate their QB as much as they do (Granted Tennessee fans in suck general ). I've watched Ainge enough to say I never want to see him in red and black.

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paulitik (1/12/2008)
If a potential GM comes in here and even mentions the name Eric Ainge, he should not be considered.

Wow you really hate Ainge. Even though he did not have any WR that could stretch the field he still had one of the highest completion %. Also he is tough and played with a broke finger on his throwing hand. And finally he was coached by the same OC that coached both Mannings who by the way are in the playoffs.

Dimtroff the new GM hopefully will want to build through the draft also. That was my point. The good teams playing this weekend have built thru the draft not FA. I know you will say the NE and Their Wr corps, but they went to the playoffs last year without them. The still have their core.

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I don't hate anybody, I just don't think we need another third string QB. It says alot to me that as fanatic as UT fans are (Or at least the ones around Nashville) that they don't even think he is draft worthy. There are much better later rounders, Flacco, Dixon, even Brennan could be decent with good development.

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I am a Vol Fan also and watch the games but I could never see taking Brennan before Ainge. Another thing is I hope they don't use a 1st or 2nd on a QB. A 3rd or 4th is ok. Hassleback is a 6th rd, Romo not even drafted not forgetting about Brady. Too many wasted high picks on QB from other teams. The Falcons need OL and DL.

We wouldn't need DL if Coleman wouldn't get hurt on personal/vacation time. He is a killer on the field and hardly gets a bruise on Sunday but when he is vacationing or lifting weights look out.

Other need that could be used on those high picks are MLB and SS.

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