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Let's review what has been going on.


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Short sighted fans and media have assumed that McKay and Blank are idiots. While it is true that big mistakes have been made, Blank is a learner. He has spent the past several seasons learning very expensive lessons on this business.

Here is my theory as what has been going on for the past four weeks:

After very public humiliations, Arthur Blank finally realizes that he has been gong about this business wrong. He has been constantly trying to swing for the fences in a business that is built on consistent growth.

Arthur consults Ernie Accorsi and forms a nine-member board of football experts. The strategy is shifted from hiring a GM based simply on draft performance to a strategy that takes a more holistic approach.

The mainstay of the GM's interview involves his choice of HC. The choice of GM is the most important decision that a football team makes. The second most important decision is the choice that is made for HC. If you look at the successful teams, you will see a GM and HC working in tune with one another. Examples are: Pioli and Belichick, Reid and Heckert, Smith and Del Rio, and the Indy tandem ( I can't remember their GM's name).

So, as everyone has been laughing at Arthur, he has already interviewed all the players in his plan. He has already complied with the Rooney rule. He has already identified the best GM /HC tandem available.

I believe that Carroll took himself out of contention because he insists on making all the personnel moves by himself or with a GM candidate (Kirwin) that the FO did not like. Carroll has never declined Arthur, it is the other way around.

Stay tuned kids. This will all be worth the wait and angst.

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From AJC:

Atlanta plans to hire a new general manager before hiring a coach, however the searches are running simultaneously.

Said Colts quarterback Peyton Manning on Caldwell: "Jim would be an outstanding selection if Atlanta were to choose him as their head coach, or any other team that may. He's been instrumental in what we've done around here offensively. Certainly he's helped me and my play, but what he's done for our offense, what he does week-to-week behind the scenes that nobody's going to hear about unless I'm telling you right now, what he does to help our offense. I don't think we'd be able to do some of the things we do offensively as far as our execution, our preparation without Jim Caldwell.

"Atlanta would be wise to hire him, in my opinion."



High praise from one of the best, if not the best, Quarterbacks in the league! Sounds like Caldwell would be a great pick for our HC.

Guess we'll see how this shakes out.


(Fix the offensive line!)

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