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Okay first off this has been a terrible season and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But whoever Blank hires for coach and GM i will support him until he gives me reason not too.

Secondly lets get to Chad Johnson. I have already seen some topics here. Did we get TO? Did we get Moss? NO. and we dont need to. A big play WR isnt needed to win a championship, just ask the bears and the ravens. What we really need is a corner to compliment Hall which i think Houston will be. We need a beast of a safety and hopefully the rookies from last year step up on the defensive line and compliment Abraham. Besides White is just emerging into a star and i have no doubt he improves next year as well. Hats off to him, he proved everyone, including me wrong. Robinson looked good last year and hopefully he will get the starting job. These two WR's can really be something.

Thirdly, this team doesn't need Darren. Even after this whole debacle i cant believe people want Darren. Why do most people want him? They think he is a beast like Peterson. No he isnt actually, Peterson is more physical and can break tackles. Peterson's OL is 20 times better than Atlanta's and hence Darren would just suck either way. Give Norwood a chance. I would really want us to sign some linemen in the offseason and draft a freakin QB please.

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