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Assuming all players available for Falcons w/ 1st round pick


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Obviously, depending on where the Falcons pick (#3-#5) at least two of these players will be gone or as many as four will be gone. However, I think none of these players are "guaranteed" to be gone - draft is unpredictable - at least at this point.

Who do you guys like? I've gotta go with Jake Long as it is our most pressing need and I definitely think Jake is one of the "top 5" talents in this draft - plus, shelf life on an offensive tackle is longer than the other positions.

what say you? please vote and then post your reasons why...

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I think when you have a top 5 pick and your team could use and upgrade @ every position, you have to go with BPA.

1. Jake Long OT Michigan

2. Glenn Dorsey DT LSU

3. Chris Long DE Virginia

4. Darren McFadden RB Arkansas

5. Matt Ryan QB Boston College

This would be my big board for the Falcons. I know alot of people wouldn't like drafting another DE and I can fully understand that. However, when you are a rebuilding stage like we are you should draft the BEST player regaurdless of position.

I don't think we can go wrong with any of these guys, considering the depth @ our biggest positions of need.

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pogipinoy27 (1/11/2008)
the game is won and lost in the trenches; Long is the clear choice.

Where as i agree with that i chose the other side of the trenches 1st :)

1. Dorsey<--- Best Def. player in draft.

2. Mcfadden <--- Best player in draft sorta hard to pass on.

3. J. Long <---- Best o-lineman in draft if other 2 are gone take long and run.

4. Lauranitis <---- We really need to get MLB fixed tired of ppl running up middle on us.

5. Clady <---- Again back to the trenches gotta love LT's :)

6. Ellis <---- Great DT i just don't see coleman as being done yet Hope he comes back healthy.

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i think Miami sets the tone. Parcells drafted a QB overall last time he had the top pick. He runs a 3-4, so Long may be the guy. NOt sure if any trades will be made.

Personally I think Parcells takes either Matt Ryan or Chris Long.

That happens i think we could be drafting either Jake Long or Glenn Dorsey. I would have thought McFadden, but i doubt Blank risks any more character problems and the very hint of trouble w/ this last McFadden episode killed his Falcon possibilities.

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The coaching staff will have a lot to do with what we do. I would be happy with any of the big 3. If I had to make a list right now it would be:

1. Glenn Dorsey

2. Jake Long

3. Darren McFadden

I still think Dorsey is the BPA in this years draft, and I would love to have him here; however, Long is much more of a need. I would be thrilled with either. McFadden would be great too, but I still do not think we will be able to secure the pieces for him to be successful

If the coin toss doesn't go our way and we miss out on all three, I would go with:

1. Brian Brohm


2. James Lauranites

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