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Lots of Work Done In This Mock.

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Atlanta Falcons Offseason


Wayne Gandy

Joe Horn (or cut in June)

Morten Anderson


DeAngelo Hall

Demorrio Williams

Michael Boley

Chris Crocker

Tyson Clabo

Chauncey Davis

Cut or Not Retained:

Warrick Dunn

Byron Leftwich

Joey Harrington

Brian Finneran

Rod Coleman

Artose Pinner

Lewis Sanders

Quinn Ojinnaka

Kynan Forney

Free Agents:

Nat Dorsey, LT, CLE

Bryant Johnson, WR, AZ

Dominique Foxworth, CB, SD

Corey Williams, DT, GB


Nothing has gone well for Atlanta this year, but with the flip of a couple coins the falcons will be comfortably slotted in the number 3 slot.

Dolphins (1-15)

Rams (3-13)

Atlanta (4-12)

Kansas City (4-12)

Oakland (4-12)

The Texans made our second rounder a little less sexy with some wins down the stretch. Placing us at 18 in the second round.

Houston (8-8)

We are getting a 3rd round compensation pick for the outstanding play this year by the near defensive MVP, Patrick Kerney.

3rd Round Compensation Pick

We also are getting the 7th round pick from the steelers who are slotted at 24.

7 (24) Set to be our final pick&

With a whirlwind of Atlanta media praising our soon to be runningback Darren McFadden, we trade the pick away. We are a long ways off from being solid enough to go BPA and runningback is not our most pressing need. In a surprise move, Oakland looks to take on an Adrian Peterson-like lift and pairs McFadden up with their hopeful talent JaMarcus Russell.

Atlanta Sends 1(4) aka Darren McFadden to Oakland

Oakland Sends their (5), 2nd (5)

Atlanta stood hard and eventually Al Davis gave up their second round pick, for what he believes to be the next big thing. Atlanta in return picks up the 5th slot, and an early 2nd.

The Draft goes on&

Dolphins 1(1) Glenn Dorsey, LSU, DT The dolphins aid their aging D.

Rams 1(2) Chris Long, Virginia, DE The rams continue to stack their Defensive line after last years DE pick turns out to be a stud DT.

Oakland 1(3 via ATL) Darren McFadden, Arkansas, HB Al Davis gets his chance at an all-time great.

Chiefs 1(4) Jake Long, Michigan, OT The chiefs look to replace their retired tackle.

Atlanta s newest team General Manager manages yet another trade down. The Bears were looking to lock up Brian Brohm because of a shaky work out by Andre Woodson. There were numerous rumors about a Ravens Brohm Choice. The Bears tried to work with New England and the Jets. When those plans failed, they went to Atlanta. The figures never met up very well. Until Atlanta filled the gaping hole Briggs left Chicago at linebacker with Keith Brooking, an unpopular but intelligent move to free up cap.

Atlanta sends the 1(5) aka Brian Brohm, and Keith Brooking

Chicago sends the 1(14), 2(14), and 3(14) to Atlanta

The Draft goes on&

Chicago 1(5 via ATL) Brian Brohm, Lousville, QB Franchise QB the Bears need.

Jets 1(6) Vernon Gholston, Ohio St, DE Very talented prospect who should help the Jets awful pass rush.

Patriots 1(7) James Laurinaitis, Ohio St, MLB The cure for the Patriots aging linebacker group.

Ravens 1(8) Sedrick Ellis, USC, DT Should be able to revitalize the once potent D somewhat.

Bengals 1(9) Kenny Philips, Miami, FS The Bengals get the pass defense help they need.

Saints 1(10) Mike Jenkins, South Florida, CB The saints barely miss out on Philips but grab a good corner in Jenkins.

Bills 1(11) - Calais Campbell, Miami, DE The bills look to make life unfair for anybody facing their DE s.

Broncos 1(12) Limas Sweed, Texas, WR Rod smith is no longer able to hold down the spot. He should wonderfully complement the young WR opposite of him.

Panthers 1(13) Andre Woodson, Kentucky, QB The panthers like his potential and have lost all hope for Jake Delhomme.


1 (14 via CHI) Ryan Clady, Boise St, LT Atlanta gets the Offensive Line help they desperately after two strategic trade downs.

2(3) Gosder Cherilus, Boston College, RT Atlanta get s more Offensive Line help when Cherilus falls.

2(5 via OAK) Frank Okam, Texas, NT The emergence of several underclassmen push Okam into the second round for us to gobble up.

Atlanta trades their 2(14 via CHI) to Green Bay

Green Bay trades their rights to QB Aaron Rodgers

Breakdown- Growing restless behind the maybe, nah, not yet Brett Favre retiring antics, Rodgers demands a trade. It leaks and the Packers begin shopping him with his dwindling value because he wants out and they have no choice but to rid him. Atlanta is the highest bidder.

2(18 via HOU) Kevin Smith, UCF, HB A very underrated prospect, Smith nearly broke the college rushing recorded by a mere 60 yards. Who holds it? Barry Sanders. That s some good company. One of the many talented halfbacks of the 2008 draft, we ll be glad we picked him up.

3(3) Chris Ellis, Virginia Tech, DE Our annual Virginia Tech selection is a amazingly physically gifted player who should be able to develop well as John Abraham s back-up. He is also insurance if Abraham is hobbled again by injury. He drops because of many DE underclassmen entering the draft.

3(14 via CHI) Jonathon Goff, Vanderbilt, MLB Hugely underrated, Goff will be the Boley of the 2008 draft. I have watched him for a while. He will be a steal.

3(Kerney) Eric Young, Tennessee, RG A talented offensive lineman who will strengthen our small offensive line and develop as a solid guard.

4(3) Josh Johnson, San Diego (AA), QB We take a AA QB prospect. We think a great one will come out of these Rodgers or Johnson.

6(3) Davone Bess, Hawaii, WR Could be a huge steal. Hopefully the Colston of the draft.

7(3) Art Carmody, Louisville, K Our Georgia product doesn t fall but we get a solid kicker in Art.

7(24) Fernando Velasco, Georgia, C The local kid gets picked to compete with Datish for the bigger center job. May the best man win.



QB: Rodgers/Redman/Johnson/Shockley

RB: Smith/Norwood/Snelling

FB: Mughelli/McIntyre

WR: White/Robinson/B. Johnson/Jenkins/Bess/Jennings

LT: Clady/Dorsey

LG: Blaylock/Batiste

C: McClure/Datish/Velasco

RG: Young/Clabo

RT: Weiner/Cherilus

TE: Crumpler/Milner/Blakely


LE: J. Anderson/Davis

RE: Abraham/Ellis

UT: Babineaux/C. Williams

NT: Okam/Lewis

ILB: Goff/Taylor

LOLB: Boley//Wilkins

ROLB: Williams/Nicholas

CB: Hall/Houston/Foxworth//Irons/Grimes

SS: Milloy/Stone/Crocker

FS: Williams/Crocker

Special Teams

K: Carmody

P: Keonen

LS: Schneck

KR: Norwood/Jennings

PR: Jennings


QB- Redman will coach up one of our 3 young talented QB s into our franchise QB. Rodgers excels with Johnson shining as well. Shockley struggles to find his place in the league.

HB- Smith and Norwood become a dynamic duo with the occasional presence of Snelling on short yardage.

FB- We finally see Ovie performing at a high level.

WR- Roddy, Laurent, and Bryant Johnson become a lethal group with many appearances of Jenkins and Bess in the 4-5 man set in the slot.

TE-Crumpler ages as Milner is worked into the rotation.

LT-Clady takes the job and never looks back

LG- Blalock continues to grow as a player.

C- McClure waits for one of the great young centers to take his spot.

RG- Young beats out Clabo in a surprise positional battle.

RT- Cherilus rotates with Weiner.

LE- Jamal gets better at sacking the quarterback.

UT- Babs and Corey Williams motors never quit.

NT- Okam and Trey Lewis rotate and stuff the run.

LOLB- Boley the probowler.

MLB- Goff performs at a high level.

ROLB- Demorrio rewards us for choosing him over Brooking.

CB-Hall and Houston kick it into high gear. Foxworth and Irons battle for nickel time.

FS- Jimmy shows us why he was a high round draft choice& finally.

SS- Milloy leads our teams morale and still has some pop. Watch out for stone or crocker to take over if there is aging&

K- We have a kicker now? No way!

P- Koenen& does what he does.

KR- Norwood rivals hester once we stop blocking in the back.

PR- As blocking improves, so does Jenning

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Atlanta trades their 2(14 via CHI) to Green Bay

Green Bay trades their rights to QB Aaron Rodgers

That's where I stopped reading.

There's a reason why he fell so far in the first place. There's a reason why other teams haven't tried acquiring him to be their QB. There's a reason why he won't be the QB in Atlanta.

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