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Big Weekend Visit for UGA


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" The numbers may not be big, but the talent expected in Athens this weekend will be at a high level. Not one, but two five star recruits will be on campus, another Rivals100 lineman will be there and one of the more underrated prospects in the Peach State will join them. That may not be all either, another Rivals100 defensive lineman is rumored to possibly be visiting as well. "

The five stars athlete are probably AJ Green and DeAngelo Tyson. The lineman is that is visiting with the five stars athlete is probably DE Cornelius Washinton ( 4.51 40 yard dasH). I'm sure about the" more underrated prospect." Rivals100 defensive lineman is probably Harmon. Or maybe even Hunter.

I'm not sure but that is my guess. If you guy subcribe to rivals.com and find out more about it. please let me know the name of the players that are visiting.

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The 5 committed players visiting are AJ Harmon, AJ Green, DeAngelo Tyson, Cornelius Washington, and Sanders Commings. I am happy Commings will be there with the other commits. They can all get to know each other. Omar Hunter had planned to be in Athens, but it was agreed that Omar would be visiting UGA January 25th instead.

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UGA_DAWG46 (1/11/2008)
I hope we pull Zebrie scholly or pray he dont commit. Any chance he will not be a bulldogs?

I heard two rumors.

First- talks are dying down with zebrie. we are backing away from him.

Second- We have pull his scholly and gave it to Omar.

Not sure where you are hearing those rumors. they aren't talking to zebrie at all. uga may or may not have room for him. Right now it's not looking good.

They are working on another scholly in a variety of ways for another recruit.

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No more scholly?

I thought if Zebrie commit he would of being the last one. I believe that scholarship the coach staff is working on is for Omar Hunter. Rumors has it we already offer him a scholly. He is interest in UGA because he want to stay close to home. And he drop Auburn, its down to UGA and Florida.

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This recruiting season is getting exciting.

We will have to wait and see what happen.

I think UGA have at least one more scholly.

Blake Barnes left. His scholly went to AJ Harmon.

Scott Haverkamp transfer too. So we have one more scholly left.

Hopefully it will go to OMAR. I hope we can really get him.

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