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Who's the rat?


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PFT is on the money much more than you're giving them credit for. They have people everywhere feeding them information and I'd say they're batting 80-85% on things they bring to the table. They've won awards for what they do, don't sleep on PFT simple because Florio can't stand Mckay of the Falgoons.

He's not going to print things just to pring them, he's got massive sources that feed him all the time. ****, your boy-toy Mort in ATL is batting way worse with his "inside sources"

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freeze1st (1/11/2008)
dchi194 (1/11/2008)
Freeze is that the guitarist from priestess?

I'm not sure, it just reminds me of well, me.:D BTW I like your signature that's awesome! The evil dead movies are some of my favorites. Have you seen that crazy movie Bill Cambell made called Bubba-Ho-Tep? That movie is just plain weird.

Mine too. Never got a chance to watch all of Army of Darkness but the rest were as good as they were wierd.

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falconfootball (1/11/2008)
Hijacking threads is fun!! :)

Everyone explain your avatar. Mine is from a kickazz rock band from the late 70s early 80s. :cool:

YESSS--They DID Kick Azz and still do in my player!

My avatar is fromanother kick azz rock band.


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