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The New GM

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I'm going to stick my neck out and make this bold prediction regarding the eventual announcement of the signing of the Atlanta Falcons general manager: whoever it is, there will be a chorus of trolls and other assorted blowhards proclaiming the Falcons got it all wrong.

Heck, if Jesus Christ were to descend bodily from Heaven and announced that He desired to be the Falcons general manager, there would still be second-guessing about this choice. I can almost read the posts now:

"I don't know about that JC guy ... He doesn't really seem to have that much NFL experience. He also doesn't appear to be that good an evaluator of talent; remember that Judas pick awhile back? In addition, there is some questions about how well of a rapport He can establish with others in the organization; during His last gig, despite working with JC for years, JC's top aide told inquirers on three separate occasions that he didn't really know JC. Yep, the Falcons screwed it up again. They could have had (somehow), but they hired this guy."

People want guarantees, but that is one thing they will never get; the team takes a chance no matter who is hired (or drafted). Choosing new personnel is like picking horses at a race track: no matter how much study you devote to a race to narrow down the list, eventually you have to pick one horse from two or three that seem equally likely to win and hope for the best.

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you got it right though. exactly how it will go.

I am just ready to see what the new coaching philosophies will be and which direction we will go with personnel. If we are going to copy an offense, the eagles isnt a bad one. And one more thing, if we do go the WCO route it doesnt mean that our offense will revert to 2 years ago. The eagles run a WCO and all they do is throw screens and down field cross routes. Which the more i think about it will fit our personnel ok. Norwood on a screen not a bad situation. Robinson and white doing a crossing passing tree with white running a post on the saftey. I would even be comfortable taking a rookie in the first round with this approach. Also if heckert had anything to do with the eagles draft, WE WILL have some ground movers on our OL soon. Now Defense is my only worry and that depends on the DC. I think we will go the defensive assistant route there. I need to think of some assistant who are ready to become coordinators.

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grendel (1/11/2008)
T.K. (1/11/2008)
just in, jesus christ rejected atlanta's offer and decided to join the saints.

Great, we can still get Buddha! Bring him home Blank!

If we are looking at the big guys for our GM or Coach, it has got to be Confucius!

On 3rd and short, Confucious say "Run the G0D D@MN ball"

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