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POSTED 11:23 a.m. EST, January 10, 2008


As more time passes and more seemingly stoopid things happen in Atlanta, there's a growing suspicion in some league circles that former Falcons G.M. Rich McKay and current Falcons assistant G.M. Billy Devaney are doing whatever they can to ensure that someone who might fire them isn't hired by owner Arthur Blank.

The thinking is that McKay and Devaney are steering the process away from the high-quality candidates who might threaten their turf. There's also a belief that McKay and/or Devaney threw a monkey wrench into the pursuit of USC head coach Pete Carroll, who undoubtedly would want full control over the football operations.

Why else would Blank now be popping off about "radio silence" if he hadn't read the riot act generally to whoever it was that blabbed to Len Pasquarelli about the pursuit of Pete Carroll. With Carroll already disinclined to take on a reclamation project, giving him an unnecessary recruiting headache is slightly less effective than, say, sending him a box of Cubans.

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It makes sense. McKay has already been marginalized, and odds are, since he is keeping a job, is likely (or would be inclined to) get people who keep him on the staff.

I think PFT has had a few things about how they aren't trusting McKay, considering a few of the things that have been leaked to the media.

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