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I Don't See This On The Board?

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3rd and short (1/10/2008)
Channel 46 Sports reported at 6 pm -- Blank will be meeting Pete Carroll at an undisclosed location on the West Coast.

Looks like Petey is really interested --- or he's pulling a Parcells?

Nope --- no link -- I was eating and heard the guy say it.

i didnt here this and this is the exact opposite from what i have been hearing the last 2 days from nfl network and espn but if you say so.

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They very well could be meeting.. but i really wouldn't read into until this weekends playoffs are over... because most likely there will be big candidates being available to be interviewed... i do think that Carroll would meet with him like he has with offers in the past.. he tends to listen.. if Arthur does this ridiculous full power thing again then he most definitely will meet with Blank.. I just don't understand why Blank is set on giving coaches full personnel decisions.. there is a GM for a reason...

Report: Falcons chasing Carroll

Posted: Wednesday January 09, 2008 06:28AM ET

The Falcons' coaching search may be getting juicier. Late Tuesday night, ESPN.com, citing multiple sources, reported that Falcons owner Arthur Blank is pursuing USC coach Pete Carroll. If the Trojans' coach expresses interest, Carroll and Blank could meet this weekend, according to the story, which did not identify the sources. According to the story, the Falcons "might be willing to grant Carroll far-reaching responsibilities." The Falcons on Tuesday said they were extending their simaltaneous searches for a new head coach and general manager.

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