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Why Carroll may consider the Falcons

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Of course, there's always potentially more to the story than what's on the surface. The Reggie Bush situation won't go away, with the problems stemming from his alleged involvement with a sports marketing company. The scandal could make the NCAA do what 118 programs haven't been able to do stop the USC juggernaut.

Would Carroll want to be around if he knows he can't play for the Rose Bowl or the national title? Would he want to be hamstrung for a few years by NCAA restrictions while hoping his program doesn't slip? Would this be just enough to tip the scales to Westwood and allow [uCLA head coach Rick] Neuheisel, a terrific recruiter, to get more of the talent that automatically went to USC?

Pete Fiutak, FoxSports.com

Link: http://msn.foxsports.com/cfb/story/7656970


Could this be the impetus that is motivating Pete Carroll to consider comming to the ATL? If so, it all starts to make a little more sense.

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Draftnut57 (1/10/2008)
If he dose come here , it will not be BC of that , But I doubt he will be our HC anyway , I can't see him leaving a great set up like he has and not half as demanding . That would be crazy on his part and he's a smart man.

I agree. If he comes here, it will be because of the opportunity to be HC with final authority over all personnel matters. Those jobs don't come around very often.

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I'm still not convinced he's our guy, but I would love him to take the plunge and all of us along with him, just to see what'll happen in the future. It'd be "fun" - to quote Mora - just to see the hubbub hiring him would generate.

But, on a humorous note, maybe next year's starting QB at USC really sucks, and he's afraid that they won't be in contention for the PAC-10 or National Title and he doesn't want to see them fall in decline under his reign.

On a serious note, maybe he's plugging for the GM job in 3 years, and a sure fire way of getting that is to come here and have moderate success. All he'd have to do is find a way to get back to back winning seasons, and he'd probably get the nod from Blank. Then after a GM stint of 5-8 years, he'll be mid/upper 60s in age and ready to call it quits. He isn't getting any younger, and has stated he wants to coach/manage again in the NFL at some point. The perfect situation may never arise, and he doesn't have that long to wait before he's no longer a long term solution for an NFL franchise.

Stranger things have happened. Okay, maybe they haven't, and that's why I'm so utterly skeptical that this will happen. But, dayum wouldn't it be a blast to be a part of as a fan if it does?


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