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It is a two way street in knowing this.

Somebody has to give up what they have.

Also, even the right man could be the

wrong man if he can't hire the staff he

needs around him. Just say if guys he

needs aren't available it could set him

back and start a downward spiral. This

will get put to bed in the next week to

ten days I would imagine. Then they will

need to hit the ground running to put a

good helpful draft together.

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I want Marty Schottenehimer. I know he doesn't appear interested right now, but that's probably because he doesn't know who the GM will be. If the Falcons pick a GM who he gets along with, or if they promise Marty a major say in picking players, I think he'd coach here. Then we could probably also get his old OC-Cam Cameron as an added bonus.

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Big Name - Carrol

Experience - Caldwell

Potential - Garrett

It depends what you are looking for...

Idont totally disagree with this...not sure about garretts potential...only 3 yrs as a coach ever...could be bad thing could be good thing.......mike holmgren said he couldnt handle being coach and gm, not sure why we would ask carrol to do it....caldwell has been coaching the longest....has been a head coach....has delt with media...all the stuff that comes with being a head coach and has won and superbowl...that can add some good experience just dealing with going deep into the playoffs

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Head Coach

#1) Marty Schottenheimer(if he can be interested/doubtful)

#2) Russ Grimm

#3) Steve Spagnuolo

#4) Mike Smith

#5) Jim Caldwell


1) Charley Casserly

2) Floyd Reese

3) Tom Heckert

4) Gene Smith

I have always been an Arthur Blank fan but I am slowly but surely loosing patience with the man. Its obvious that he is "clueless" at how to conduct these "coaching/GM" searches and his biggest mistake was keeping McKay on the payroll which is sending the wrong message to the candidates, the NFL, the public, and the media.

Also, I am in favor of a thorough search but Falcons are reaching the point of diminishing returns......

Arthur, please:

1) make your GM hire very soon

2) have your GM pare the list down to 3 top candidates(or add his own)

3) have GM make the coaching hire

I don't care if coaching hire drags to the end of the month - with playoffs its understandable but there is no excuse for a GM not to be hired by now.

and, PETE CARROLL is NOT COMING!!!!!! Enough w/ this - what a waste of time effort and negative spotlight!

but i digress!

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