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The Future of the Falcons


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RT:6'6 315lbs Tyson Clabo

Alot of peoples sleep on the right tackle position but this is also a very important position....In the nfl you deal with pass rushers on both sides..We find ourselves and Franchise RT...Just giving up one sack on his side this season and seeing what he did when he shut down PK sealed the deal....We can sign our franchise RT at a very reasonable price and he is only 26 years old.....he is part of the future

RT/LT: 6'7 325lbs Renardo Foster

He is tied for the biggest steal for us last year.....I hate Coach Quitrino but its no doubt he gave us a couple of good players and this guy is one.....He can play LT but i see him as a beast at RT like Clabo...he has the huge mauller body with the long arms to be a good tackle

WR:6'0 208lbs Roddy White

He should all the doubters all he needed was some mentoring and more balls thrown his way.. and he showed he could be a #1 WR...He has speed, elusiveness, and strong enough to break arms tackles by DBs.....he eclipse 1200 yards and 6 TDs......Next year with a improved O-Line i can see him easily have 9 or 10 TDs with over a 1000 yards if he can stay healthy

WR:6-2 195lbs Laurent Robinson

This guy reminds me of roddy white 100% his first couple of year(with better hands)...He have to work on making the first tackle miss.....i have never seen him break a tackle....also he have great hands but he needs to learn how to take hits so the ball wont get knocked out...But its no denying this kid have that it factor that the WR have to have to be good...he has the speed with great hands...I feel he should be used as a chris henry type of slot guy...he has the Talent to be a #1 or 2 WR.. but he is not there yet....

RB:5-11 204lbs Jerious Norwood

I cant wait till we find a Coach who will actually use him.... I now feel he is not a everydown back....unlike reggie bush , he can be but his body just wont hold up....i do feel he should get 10-12 touches a game tho...He have all the talent reggie bush has....except he is a better running back....so lets use it

G: 6'4 330bls Justin Blalock

I feel he had a OK season last year......he made the all-rookie team.....After his lil rookie wall thing....i feel he played lights out...He has every thing you need in an Franchise Guard...He is huge, smart, strong, and really athletic to be a guard...He will be a Probowl guard

LB 6'3 236lbs Michael Boley

He is in the same boat Kellen Winslow jr is in....Probowl Caliber....but just have established probowls guys in front of you...so you get snubbed....This guy have everything you need in a great linebacker......speed, athleticism, long arms, strong, and a great tackler....We will get him at a good price for his talent because of the fact that he is not per say a probowl player....so we cant pay him like one....but he will get up to 30 mil for 6 years..He is a future star

DE 6'6 280lbs Jamaal Anderson

I know alot of yall are disappointed in him...and i cant lie...i didnt want to get him because i knew the 2008 DE class would be deep....but when we did get him i didnt have a problem with it and i still dont...He is really raw at the position and i feel like this was a learning year for him.....Now if he can work his but off....he will be a good DE

DT 6'3 320lbs Trey Lewis

He is the other guy thats tied for steal of the year.....Before he got hurt...he was very disruptive and stopped the run.....He will be great for us thru the future....i feel if we can get a guy that he can share time with.....or trey backing up a guy coming in fresh....He will be a great DT for us

LB 6'3 228lbs Stephen Nicholas

I feel this guy has what it takes to be a good LB.....i just feel he is a health concern.....He is fast, strong and can make plays....he is a sideline to sideline guy and is a good special teamer.....i feel with the emergence of Nicholas and we will draft a guy....that means we can let DMO walk

CB 5'11 190lbs Chris Houston

This guys is a physical freak...i have never saw a player this strong and fast in one body...lol...he have showed us he is not Carroll and that he can play in this league....he has everything you want in a shutdown corner.....he just has to improve on his ball skills.....to me his ball skills is really low.....but thats fix able....he was a great pick up in the second round

CB 5'11 190lbs David Irons

I cant wait till yall get to see what this guy can really do.....i believe he can be a good starting corners in this league....but he will be an outstanding dime and Nickle back....He is a outstanding special teamer......he had a outstanding senior bowl and combine....every analysis had him getting draft in the second round...but he sleep because he did terrible on the wonderlic test and he have a small learning disability....he will be a outstanding player for us

SS 6'3 218lbs Daren Stone

Another guy analysis had going in the first day but he slipped...i heard mike mayock said daren stone could have easily been a first day guy and no one could say nothing about it...because he is a player that has all the talent to be great at his position...and i believe that.

CB 5-10 180lbs Brent Grimes

This is a guy who when he got his chance...he showed he can play....i feel he will be a great special team player and a great nickle/dime DB

FS 6'2 218lbs Jimmy Williams

He has a year of free safety play under his belt...now its put up or shut up time......If he can train and work his ##### off....he will be a probowl caliber safety....thats no doubt in my mind...he just has to do it

P Michael Koenen

I feel he is one of the best Punters and Kickoff guys in the league.....and he is not scared to make a tackle

I feel we have alot of talent on this team....We are in the perfect Position to rebuild to take over the nfc south....we can do it..and we are not as far as some will think...but we just have to be committed....Look at greenbay...they are mad young but they have a general on there team to help balance it out


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I am still hoping for a bit of a sleeper pick in Snelling. Give him a consistent line to run behind and he will have confidence to push the pile. I am still curious about Shockley with enough time. He started to really come on in his last game when he was injured. Obviously much like at UGA, he is just sitting on the sidelines wasting away and would need time to develop. Crocker also showed some of his style as the head hunter. The problem may be new coach, new system, some of these players may regress but I am hopeful that they come into their own regardless of the system.

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Without knowing who the GM is and the HC speculating about players is rather pointless. The opinions of the GM and HC on who stays and who goes will be based on their philosophys.

For example;

Does The Vick Five have to go? (Crumpler, Hall, Horn, Houston and White)

Do we need to get rid of expensive older veterans?

Do we need to fet rid of all high priced players and try to field a team of people with great attitudes at average NFL salaries?

Will we build the D first?

All of this influences personel decisions. Without knowing the GM and HC philosophy, we are blind men searching for a needle in a haystack.


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