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Mock Draft

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Assuming that we have a third round pick for the Kerney comp. pick and a seventh round pick for Allen Rossum. Two mocks, if we win the toss and if we don't.

First Mock:

1. Sedrick Ellis DT-Our defence isnt far from being solid, and we will finally have an interior threat to go along with Babs or Trey Lewis. Some say that Sedrick Ellis is the best DT in the draft, some say Glenn Dorsey is (I personally don't care, having any of the two would be great). He will instantly solidify our line for years to come. He is going to be a QB pressure maniac that can also plug the running lanes.

2a. Chris Williams OT-Put him at LT and we are set for the future. Williams is a young promising talent and can be a day one starter. He might go in the first round, in that case switch this pick with Sam Baker. There are many OTs in this draft, so we ARE going to come away with first round LT talent in the second round (assuming we go OT in the second round; hopefully we do). We need to give the QB some time to throw the pigskin, we have the recievers but we dont have the time to get it to 'em. With Williams/Baker that should change

2b.Joe Flacco QB- Here is a little bit of a controversial pick for some. I think it is a little to early for Flacco to be drafted, but it all really depends on how he does at the combine. Right now nfldraftscout has him listed as a 3rd round pick, so my 2b. and 3a. picks can be switched. Flacco will sit for a year and learn under Redman. Flacco has great size and a HUGE arm, but his accuracy could be a little better. No worries, he has over a year to improve. He just WILL NOT go down on initial contact, basically he is the Ben Rothlisburger of this years QB class. He and Brohm are the only QBs that I am sold on right now.

3a.Alex Mack OC-Right now McClure is doing fine, but our O-line is aging and I dont think that Datish is the answer at OC. Alex Mack wont be an immediate starter, but he will get his shot in the 2009 season. Draft our future player at OC (another important position on the line) and let him learn for a year, that way he wont struggel as much as Blalock did this year. I know Im going to get some heat for this pick:)

3b.Mike McGlynn OT-not an immediate starter either. I say we move Clabo back to RG and let Weiner man the gun at RT (Weiner is one of the better O-linemen we have). Let Weiner play this year while the rookie learns under him just like we do with Alex Mack. Weiner too is getting old, so we need to find a replacement THIS year. Weiner has had some injuries, so the rook might be able to show his stuff sometime during this season. This pick could change depending on who we sign during FAcy.

4a. Vince Hall ILB-Brooking replacement.period. He is a little undersized (6-0) and thats one reason why he drops this far. He is also comming off of a wrist injury (he broke it while playing Clemson). I think that Hall could have been a 1-2 round prospect had he not been undersized. Great for us, not great for his pay check. This kid can flat out PLAY. He will be the future at MLB for years to come.

4b. Matt Forte RB-Some might say that it is waaaaaaay to late to take a RB, but don't forget that this years draft is DEEP with RB prospects. Im sure that we're getting atleast 2-3 talent from a RB lasting till the fourth round. Forte is huge, comming in at 6-2 222 pounds. We dont need to have a clear cut started at the RB position this year, what I suggest we do is what the Cowboys do with Marion "the Barbarian" Barber and Julius Jones. Rotate in Norwood and Forte and we're set (as long as Norwood remains healthy). This pick could be different depending on if we bring in a RB through free agency.

5. Patrick Carter WR-Cut Jennings, he's a joke. Carter wont be drafted to catch the ball, he will be drafted to be the KR/PR. We've been missing Allen Rossum (or aleast I have, for some time now).

6. Art Carmody K-best kicker in the draft, and we need one....BAD!!!!!!!

7.a Glenn Sharpe CB-A depth pick here

7b. Robert Henderson DE-Another depth pick

Well, thats all for now folks. Thoughts?

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DrDetecto (1/10/2008)
It's really nice, except for one little thing: I thought Mack announced he was going to back to school? I am a fan of the idea of a C in the 3rd though; maybe Adam Speiker instead? But the mock is excellent, one of the best ones I've seen in my short time here.

yep, you're right. Im going to switch that pick for Steve Justice from Wake Forest.

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bush (1/10/2008)

yep, you're right. Im going to switch that pick for Steve Justice from Wake Forest.

Eh... he seems a bit small for a power scheme, but I don't know enough about him to judge the pick. Personally I like Adam Speiker with that pick, or Doug Legursky later, but whatever.

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grendel (1/11/2008)
I like it. My one thing is that in the 3rd I don't want to look for guys who aren't going to get playing time their 1st year... I'd look at someone like Titus Brown DE who could spell Abe on the RDE.

Overall really good job, though.

Im sure that he would get some playing time, o-linemen get tired too. We have Chauncy Davis to spell Abe and Jamaal Anderson, Chauncy should get plenty of playing time next year if the draft went down like this. His sacks would probobly go up, too.

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JMO, that's a really nice draft.

Couple of things, I would only draft Ellis is J. Long & Dorsey are off the board, but Ellis is a good pick. If we took Long, that would probably filter through and make a few changes to the rest of the draft.

The one pick I'll disagree on though is the kicker. Not that Carmody isn't going to do well, but I think Taylor Mehlhaff is the best kicker in the draft. He's got the accuracy and the stronger leg (led the nation among draft eligible players in touchback percentage on kickoffs & was #4 overall).

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do we have 2 4th rounders? I don't think so....our extra picks should be in the following rounds:

2nd round - from Houston (Schaub trade)

3rd round - compensatory for losing Kerney (not known what round yet, should be 3rd)

6th round - from Pittsburgh for Allen Rossum

don't think we have extra 4th rounder...

as far as your draft, I like the 1st 3 picks although its a no-brainer that you take Jake Long before Ellis (if he's available-probably not) - love Flacco and Chris Williams....

after that, I don't like your picks that much

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Norwood32 (1/12/2008)
I would take out Forte and replace Mack with a RB. I like this draft except Joe Flacco i just don't see him being a starter in the NFL IMO.

People saying we should take Jake Long I agree but he will most likely be gone. What about Ryan Clady?

I was contemplating that, but when you look at it there really isnt a great DT IMO past the first round. Why pass on one of the two great DTs if this is the case? That being said, we can always grab a first round talent at OT in the second round.

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For some reason I cant edit my original post...going to have to update it from here I guess...

Taking out Alex mack for...

3a. Matt Forte RB might be a little bit of a reach for him, but his stock is likely to rise during the combine.

Taking out Matt Forte and selecting him with the first of our third round picks.

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