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how many people are confident blank will get the right man?

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Some say that AB is a bad owner. I have 2 words for ya.................Rankin Smith. How can there really be a worse head coach than what we've had the past 40 years ( Reeves not included)? Most all of the current candidates look like they come from good systems so I'll just wait and see.

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The Steelers had over 40 years of solid futility. The Redskins' Snyder has hired so many coaches and lousy free agents, I have lost count. The 49er's were worse than the Falcons in the 60's and early 70's. All of those owners made repeatedly bad hires. Do I have confidence in Blank's next choice?

Yes I do.

Arthur has been through a very trying learning period. As most rookie owners, he thought that this would be an easy business. He has found out that it is not. This protracted GM/HC search is an indication that he is not in panic mode. He is taking his time and doing his due deligence.

Yes I am confident.

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