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doubletrouble21 (1/9/2008)
Would you be happy if PC was hired as HC?

At first I would be shocked out of my mind not knowing whether to be really excited or how to feel. Then I would have to wait around until he got here and started to put his coaching staff together, I think Pete Carroll, Norm Chow, and Monte Kiffin could make 1 heck of a threesome.

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I was leaning towards staying away from college coaches but are any of the other canidates that much better? At least of the other 3 main canidates , (Garrett, Singletary and Caldwell) Carroll brings the most hype. Just look at how much the message board has lit up in the past 24 hours.

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worst choices are out there. (hiring someone with NO head coaching experience in nfl is one of them...we need to try something else then hiring young college coaches or Son of Former Coachs....though wade phillips should have gotten at least a year as coach..u gotta like the son of a bum!!!)

Dont Pass on the Future of This Team....GET #5 from ARK!

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