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1st Round Mock Draft and Falcons Mock Draft

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1st Round Mock Draft:

1st- Miami- Chris Long, DE, Virginia- Parcells will get the perfect 3-4 DE for the 3-4 defense that I expect him to implement in Miami. Long is one of the top 3 prospects in this entire draft, including or discluding juniors, so he is a very realistic #1 selection.

2nd- St. Louis- Glenn Dorsey, DT, LSU- I expect Dorsey to play well in the National Championship game against Ohio State, and if he does I think he will be a top 3 pick. St. Louis, at first glance, does not need a DT. But Adam Carriker projects just fine to LE, and if they moved him outside to LE and added Dorsey, their run defense would be substantially improved, and if they could find a replacement for Leonard Little they would have a very good, young defensive line. When s the last time you could say that about the Rams?

3rd- Oakland- Darren McFadden, RB, Arkansas- The Raiders really should look hard at Sedrick Ellis, but I think Al Davis will be drooling over the possibility of adding McFadden, which makes this pick just as likely (if not more likely) than the Ellis selection. McFadden would give them a big-play guy on offense, and if they retain Justin Fargas, a McFadden/Fargas duo could become very potent provided the offensive line is upgraded.

4th- Kansas City- Jake Long, OT, Michigan- The Chiefs can make this selection because they have the flexibility to take a chance. I see Jake Long as a risk here, though, because I don t like how he projects to LT very much at all. The Chiefs could try him there at first, but if he doesn t play well they can move him to RT (where I think he would be very successful).

5th- Atlanta- Sedrick Ellis, DT, Southern Cal- You all know how badly I want Ryan Clady, but it is ard to ignore the value there will be early in round 2 for the OT position. There will be significantly less value at DT, and so instead of trying to move down to get Clady (Looking at the draft order for the rest of the top 10, who would move up? If we don t pick Ellis no one will before Cincy, McFadden is off the board& I got nothing!) we snag ourselves a stud DT. Ellis is arguably just as good as Glenn Dorsey, but is a different player. Ellis is very quick off the snap, dominates in the trenches and is a good pass rusher. He is also very good against the run, but would play UT for us where Dorsey would likely play NT because of his larger size and likely strength. This is a good value pick, and an rotation of Ellis and Babineaux would be a very good one.

6th- New York Jets- Vernon Gholston, DE, Ohio State- I expect him to declare after the National Championship, and when he does he will be a top 10 selection. He is a freakishly good athlete and has been very productive against good competition. He projects perfectly to a speed rushing OLB in the 3-4, but could also play RE in the 4-3 because of his athleticism. The Jets add him to finally improve their pass rush.

7th- New England (F/ SF)- James Laurinaitis, ILB, Ohio State- Do I really have to explain this pick anymore? It is VERY well known that the Patriots have extremely old ILB s, and Laurinaitis is the best ILB in this draft class. 1+1=2.

8th- Baltimore- Matt Ryan, QB, Boston College- Hopefully the insane hype surrounding this guy cools down a bit, and he falls this far. Well, obviously we d prefer he was gone before our selection (at least I would) but in this case he isn t, and the Ravens get him. There is a strong case to be made for Malcom Jenkins here, but this is a deep CB class and the Ravens should be able to fill the nickel CB and future starting CB role in the 2nd round. Ryan has great intangibles, good size and strength, has good arm strength and accuracy, and is a proven leader. He forces too many passes (far too many, gun-slinger-ish) and makes bad decisions far too often to be considered this high, in my opinion, but he has a pretty high ceiling. He has a quicker release than Andre Woodson, who is the only QB I think has a higher ceiling than Ryan. Contrary to many people who believe Ryan is the safe pick, I think he is a boom or bust guy. He will either adapt to the NFL and watch tons of film and use his fairly elite mechanics to become the best QB he can be. Or, he will continue to force throws and make far too many bad decisions, and turn into a Rex Grossman the top 10 selection version.

9th- Cincinnati- Kenny Phillips, FS, Miami- I definitely thought about adding Keith Rivers here, but in the end they have a lot of talent at LB already, and their secondary is in absolute shambles. The corner position is decent, but if they could upgrade both safety spots their pass defense would likely improve dramatically. So, they add Phillips to give them a ball-hawk at FS to hopefully help stop the leaky pass defense they have been suffering from for a while.

10th- New Orleans- Malcom Jenkins, CB, Ohio State- This is a very easy selection to make. The Saints have had lots of problems giving up big plays, especially touchdowns, for at least 2 years now. They tried adding Jason David to help solve the problem, and I think he led the league in touchdown receptions allowed. Swiiiiiing and a miss. So, adding Jenkins gives them a #2 CB to replace Jason David opposite Mike McKenzie, and it also adds a lot of speed, youth and playmaking ability to a secondary that needs as much of all 3 as it can get.

11th- Buffalo- Dan Connor, ILB, Penn State- The Bills had a rough offseason last year when they lost both London Fletcher and Nate Clements in free agency. ILB is one of the most important positions on the field, and the depth at CB is very much superior to that at ILB, so the Bills elect to add Dan Connor to the fold to fill the void left by London Fletcher. Connor is the best senior ILB prospect by a wide margin in my opinion, and his versatility to play all 3 LB positions only makes him more valuable here.

12th- Denver- Keith Rivers, OLB, Southern Cal- The Broncos elect to take the value selection here in Keith Rivers, even though it means they will have to keep D.J. Williams at ILB, even though his natural position is WLB. In any event, adding Rivers gives the Broncos a dominant LB core, and if they could upgrade the defensive line (which is hardly an option here) their run defense would improve a lot.

13th- Carolina- Brian Brohm, QB, Louisville- The Panthers elect to add Brohm here to give them some consistency at QB which they haven t had much of in years. Between Delhomme s Tommy John surgery, Matt Moore starting his first game and Vinny Testeverde having to come out of retirement, the Panthers have had problems at QB. By adding Brohm they add someone with a lot of experience, and someone who makes great decisions and is a very smart QB, almost like a surgeon in the pocket. With a good running game, Brohm could succeed as a rookie in my opinion.

14th- Chicago- Andre Woodson, QB, Kentucky- The Bears have struggled to find a good QB for a long time, arguably since the Walter Payton glory days. Rex Grossman is clearly not the answer, so they turn to Andre Woodson for help instead. Woodson has a slower release, which is a concern of mine, and could use a little work on his mechanics, but he has a very strong arm and is very accurate as well. He beat LSU when they were ranked #1 in 4 OT s and made a number of impressive comeback attempts this season, all with little help from the defense. He could be the Bears franchise QB if they can protect him adequately.

15th- Detroit- Mike Jenkins, CB, South Florida- Jenkins has a very good combination of size and speed. He is a physical corner, and that makes me think he would be a good fit in Detroit. Dre Bly liked to be physical (despite his size) but also had a lot of speed and playmaking ability. Well, Jenkins is very good at using his hands to disrupt the WR s route and has the speed to make plays on the ball. This is something the Lions sorely missed last season, and by adding Jenkins they should have a legitimate #1 corner soon.

16th- Arizona- Derek Harvey, DE/OLB, Florida- Harvey decided to enter the draft as a Junior, and he could very well end up going earlier than this. However, he is extremely fast off the edge and has been very productive at Florida against top SEC competition, and seems to play well in big games (just ask Ohio State about last year, when he had 3 sacks against them). He is extremely athletic and would give the Cardinals a good speed rusher at RE or if they move to a 3-4 he would be a perfect fit for the speed rushing OLB role.

17th- Minnesota- Malcom Kelly, WR, Oklahoma- I know the Vikings don t believe in drafting WR s in the 1st round, or at least Childress doesn t. However, this is a special situation because there is little to no value for DE here (I believe Calais Campbell should be selected much later in the 1st) there is no value for FS or SS here and even if they wanted a QB, the top 3 are already gone. That leaves the Vikings a little pigeon holed, but Kelly is a good consolation prize. He would fill in perfectly across from Sidney Rice, and would give Tarvaris Jackson 2 big, reliable targets at WR, both with big play ability to boot. The Vikings elect to get the more sure-handed prospect here instead of a WR that seems all too similar to Troy Williamson in DeSean Jackson.

18th- Houston- Antoine Cason, CB, Arizona- The Texans have the problem we had last season, trying to find a CB opposite our #1 corner. Now, they need one to play opposite Dunta Robinson, along with a good safety, or maybe even two. There is still no value for either safety spot, and even though I think Jeff Otah may go in this area, he does not fit their scheme well at all. So, Cason is added to be the future #2 CB opposite Dunta Robinson, and with their awesome defensive line I think it could definitely help their pass defense improve quickly.

19th- Philadelphia- DeSean Jackson, WR, California- The Eagles need a big play threat to take pressure off of the rest of their WR s and off of Brian Westbrook especially. That is just what DeSean Jackson can do. He has amazing speed and can burn even the fastest corners, and is electric on kick off and punt returns. He fills two voids for the Eagles, a big play threat at WR and a good kick and punt returner. That makes him a likely pick here.

20th- Tampa Bay- Aqib Talib, CB, Kansas- He does not have elite timed speed, just like Ronde Barber and Brian Kelly, but he is still a fantastic athlete and is a very good corner (as evidenced by his 22 pass deflections and 6 interceptions). Because he doesn t have elite timed speed his best fit might be in the Cover-2 or Tampa-2 that the Buccaneers still run. He would add much needed youth and playmaking ability to the CB position, because both Barber and Kelly are quite old. Right now Talib may be more of a later 1st-early 2nd type prospect, but there is a reach in every draft, and Talib makes a lot of sense for the Bucs here.

21st- Washington- Calais Campbell, DE, Miami- It is very hard to ignore the measurables that Campbell has, and I think the combination of his size, speed and overall athleticism will push him up into this area come draft day. He is too good of an athlete to be a late 1st or early 2nd round prospect, even though I think he looked lazy at times this year, and wasn t as productive as he was a year ago. Some of that has to be because of the additional time teams spent to make sure he didn t dominate them however. In any event, Campbell would be selected to help bolster the Redskins pass rush, and I think the selection does make sense, assuming he plays motivated and adjusts well to the NFL.

22nd- Dallas (F/ CLE)- Rashard Mendenhall, RB, Illinois- The Cowboys couldn t get their hands on McFadden because it was just too difficult to concoct a trade package valuable enough to get that high of a selection. However, Mendenhall is a wonderful consolation prize for Dallas. With this addition Julius Jones would certainly walk as a free agent, but I don t think Dallas would notice. With Marion Barber III and Rashard Mendenhall splitting carries, Dallas would have a dominant running game to go along with an explosive passing game. They would be the offensive juggernaut of the NFC assuming they can continue to get production out of TO.

23rd- Pittsburgh- Jeff Otah, OT, Pittsburgh- I think Otah is a legitimate top 20 prospect at this point, but because he doesn t fit the schemes of both Houston and Tampa Bay (who both like smaller, more agile lineman) he falls this far. Pittsburgh would love to see that though, because they figure to lose both Alan Faneca and Max Starks to free agency, and Otah would help lessen that blow by being able to fill in at RT.

24th- Tennessee- Limas Sweed, WR, Texas- The Titans elect to add talent at WR to give Vince Young more weapons to use, and it just so happens that he is re-united with his former #1 target at Texas, Limas Sweed. Sweed does not have lots of speed, but he has very good hands and is a big, powerful target for Young to throw to. By adding him the Titans hope to help VY establish more consistency next season.

25th- Seattle- Fred Davis, TE, Southern Cal- The Seahawks have been searching for a TE like Davis for a long time, and I have a hard time believing they will pass him up here, especially if Mendenhall is off the board. Davis would give the Seahawks a legitimate receiving target at TE, and would fill one of the few needs on that offense.

26th- New York Giants- Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, CB, Tennessee State- The Giants made a good selection when they picked Aaron Ross last season, but they still have almost no depth behind him, and the #2 CB position could use upgrading. That is where Rodgers-Cromartie comes in. He is very athletic, has good size and long arms, and has good hands to make the interception. He would add youth, talent and depth to the CB position, and would figure to be the future #2 CB opposite Aaron Ross.

27th- San Diego- James Hardy, WR, Indiana- The Chargers are looking to improve one of the weak spots of their offense, and by adding Hardy they would have a good trio of WR s on their roster: Vincent Jackson, Chris Chambers and Hardy. Hardy is a big target at WR, 6 6 , 220 pounds, and has good hands. He would help the Chargers achieve the potential they have on offense, and would help Rivers establish more consistency.

28th- Jacksonville- Lawrence Jackson, DE, Southern Cal- I think Chris Ellis is a real possibility here, but Jackson s experience on one of the most talented defenses in the country (he was a 4 year starter at USC) might figure to win out here. The Jags could use some help up front, especially at DE, and Jackson figures to help their pass rush from the DE spot.

29th- Green Bay- Chris Ellis, DE, Virginia Tech- The Packers elect to make a bit of a reach here and add Ellis to the fold. They have one of the best LE s in the NFL in Aaron Kampman, but the RE position is currently manned by Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila, and he is getting older (I believe he is over 30 now). Ellis would help phase him out as an edge-rusher with tons of speed, which would save the Packers lots of money. And that is something that has been prioritized pretty high by the Packers recently.

30th- San Francisco (F/ IND)- Early Doucet, WR, LSU- The 49ers have been able to upgrade their team a lot in recent drafts, but WR is still an area that needs work. They looked for a quick fix last year and it did not work. So, they elect to add the consistent WR in Early Doucet instead of the big play WR in Andre Caldwell. Doucet may not have elite speed, but he has good hands and he is a hard worker. He is exactly what the 49ers need in my opinion, and adding him would help the offense get back on track next year.

31st- Dallas- Andre Caldwell, WR, Florida- The Cowboys already filled one hole at RB with Mendenhall, and now they bolster their depth at WR with Caldwell. Terry Glenn s career is coming closer to finally ending, and Caldwell has similar attributes to Glenn, and would help fill the void that Glenn will leave when he finally does retire. Not only that, but Patrick Crayton is a free agent this offseason, so adding Caldwell could help protect them against losing him (though I doubt they will let him leave).

Falcons Offseason:

Cuts/FA Departures:

Wayne Gandy, OT

Rod Coleman, DT

Quinn Ojinnaka, OT

Kynan Forney, OG

Morten Anderson, K

Byron Leftwich, QB

Joey Harrington, QB

Warrick Dunn, RB

Demorrio Williams, OLB

Brian Finneran, WR

Joe Horn, WR

Lewis Sanders, CB


Chris Crocker, S

Tyson Clabo, OL

Michael Boley, LB

DeAngelo Hall, CB

Dwayne Blakley, TE

Free Agent Acquisitions:

Nat Dorsey, OT, Browns- Adds depth to both OT positions.

Stacy Andrews, OG, Bengals- Monster at OG would fill our need here before the draft.

Bryant Johnson, WR, Cardinals- Adds a big WR with good hands to compliment Roddy.

Nick Cole, C, Eagles- I m not sure if this guy is a free agent, but I d love to bring him in to compete. He is a monster for a center. He is 6 tall and according to their website weighs a whopping 350 pounds. He has played in 16 games in both of his 2 seasons, and started one this past year for the Eagles. Why not bring him in with that experience to compete with Datish and McClure if he is, indeed, a free agent? He was signed as an undrafted free agent, so I don t know when his contract will expire, or if it has.

Falcons Mock Draft:

1st- Sedrick Ellis, DT, Southern Cal- You all know how badly I want Ryan Clady, but it is ard to ignore the value there will be early in round 2 for the OT position. There will be significantly less value at DT, and so instead of trying to move down to get Clady (Looking at the draft order for the rest of the top 10, who would move up? If we don t pick Ellis no one will before Cincy, McFadden is off the board& I got nothing!) we snag ourselves a stud DT. Ellis is arguably just as good as Glenn Dorsey, but is a different player. Ellis is very quick off the snap, dominates in the trenches and is a good pass rusher. He is also very good against the run, but would play UT for us where Dorsey would likely play NT because of his larger size and likely strength. This is a good value pick, and an rotation of Ellis and Babineaux would be a very good one.

2nd- Sam Baker, OT, Southern Cal- Baker seems to be sliding a bit, I didn t watch him in the Illinois game but I might have to. He is an amazing technician at LT and projects as well to LT in the NFL as anyone in the draft class. He is not the road-grader we d like to have all along out offensive line, but I would gladly add him to protect my QB s blind side. We prioritized run blocking from our offensive lineman and downgraded the importance of protecting our QB for far too long, and it s about **** time we realized we need to have a good LT, and making this selection would prove that to me.

2nd (Houston)- Red Bryant, DT, Texas A&M- Imagine a defensive line with Abraham, Red Bryant, Sedrick Ellis and Jamaal Anderson starting. Now, imagine the backups being Titus Brown, Trey Lewis, Montavious Stanley, Jonathan Babineaux and Chauncey Davis. With this selection, and the Titus Brown selection later, we will have improved our defensive line so much that some of our starters from this season will be likely backups. Not only that, but we will have one of the deepest defensive lines in the NFL, and that is an exciting thought for me. I like Bryant because he is a very good run stuffer with great size, and has a very good work ethic contrary to things I had heard on these boards. Not only that, but he was one of the team leaders, and I would love to see him starting at NT with Ellis next to him. That is a wonderful thought for me.

3rd- Joe Flacco, QB, Delaware- Flacco is becoming one of the more popular QB prospects on this board, and I definitely understand why. He has great size, very good arm strength and was productive at the Division II level. Really all I think he needs to work on is just adjusting to a different speed of the game. He doesn t have to tinker with his mechanics, they seem to be sound, and really will only have to learn the playbook and watch a lot of film to help make reads based on a higher level of speed, athleticism and overall competition. He has all the tools and has used them to be productive, and I think he will be able to adjust to the NFL level better than some Division I QB s in this draft.

3rd (Comp. Kerney)- Tashard Choice, RB, Georgia Tech- This is a pick I haven t seen in many mock drafts, but it is definitely a selection I would be happy with. I really like Matt Forte but I think Tashard Choice is another valid option in this area, and he fills the same need that Forte would fill. He is a powerful runner and I thought it was interesting that rather than discussing his weaknesses or problems in his game, the only problem most scouts thought to consider was whether he could be productive without Calvin Johnson. Now, in the NFL it would hardly be likely that he would be the only player on the entire offense capable of making plays, so why was that such a concern from scouts? So, considering that was the largest question mark about him, from what I ve read, he makes a lot of sense here. His running style fits what we need from our RB, and with Norwood to compliment him I think they could make a very fine tandem in the future. Now, I have not usually had a RB in my mock drafts, but with this extremely deep class this year it would be extremely foolish to wait until next year, in my opinion. The value will be substantially less no matter where you decide to select a RB, so I finally gave in and selected Choice this week.

4th- Titus Brown, DE, Mississippi State- This guy has been one of the staples of my mock draft and I really hope we end up selecting him. He has tremendous speed off the edge and has played against elite competition in his career against Mississippi State. This year he faced near constant double teams yet still managed to be productive, and that is exactly what I want from my RE, even my backup. He would likely be able to fill in as Abraham s backup right away, and I think he could definitely come in as a speed rusher in passing situations like a Mark Anderson or Brian Robison as a rookie.

5th- Jonathan Goff, ILB, Vanderbilt- Goff is a prospect I really like and considering the current rankings he is projected right in the 5th round. This is still before the likely Laurinaitis declaration and assuming he moves up a little bit at the combine or something. But I really like him as a prospect and I think he could be a steal this late, and I think he could definitely fill our void at ILB, and team up with Boley and Brooking/Nicholas to form a very deep and talented front 7.

6th- Matt Flynn, QB, LSU- I became a believer in Flynn after the National Championship game. He played fairly well all season, and he was playing like ice was running through his veins the whole game against Ohio State, the #1 defense (allegedly) at the time. Even when they were down early (and I heard this reiterated by analysts and reporters after the game, but I noticed it myself) he never lost his confidence or his composure and as a result neither did his teammates. His leadership was key and bringing in a guy with good tools and good leadership skills to help depth is never a bad thing.

7th- Art Carmody, K, Louisville- I don t know how early we will need to make a kicker selection to get the best in the draft, but it is obvious at this point that we need to get a very good one. As far as I can tell, Carmody is the best kicker in the draft. So, we should use this selection to pick him up. That s really all I have to say about this at this point.

7th (F/ PIT)- Zackary Bowman, CB, Nebraska- This guy has had problems with injuries, but before them he was considered a very good CB prospect from Nebraska. With such a late draft selection the risk is so minute that it would be absolutely crazy not to take a chance on this guy. He was probably a 2nd or 3rd round talent before the injury, and had great speed before it also (4.36 I think). He ruptured his patella in his right knee, so obviously it is a serious injury. However, he was a good cover corner and was a top 3 round prospect before the injury, why not see if he can regain his past form and get a major steal. This is a low risk-high reward selection, so why not make it?

Depth Chart:

QB- Redman/Flacco/Flynn/Shockley

RB- Choice/Norwood/Snelling

FB- Mughelli/McCyntire

WR- White/Johnson/Robinson/Jenkins/Jennings

TE- Crumpler/Milner/Blakley

LT- Baker/Dorsey

LG- Blalock/Clabo

C- McClure/Cole/Datish

RG- Andrews/Batiste

RT- Weiner/Foster

LE- Anderson/Davis

UT- Ellis/Babineaux

NT- Bryant/Lewis/Stanley

RE- Abraham/Brown

SLB- Boley/Watkins

ILB- Goff/Taylor

WLB- Brooking/Nicholas

CB- Hall/Houston/Irons/Bowman

FS- Williams/Crocker

SS- Milloy/Stone/Crocker

K- Carmody

P- Koenen

KR- Jennings/Norwood

PR- Jennings

Summary: The direction I want to go in this draft seems pretty evident, but I will explain it anyways. I want to build up both the offensive and defensive line, and give them both a lot of depth. Now, I did add some depth to the offensive line in free agency, but I got the key player, Sam Baker, in the draft. On the defensive side, I got our 2 starting DT s of the future in Sedrick Ellis and Red Bryant, and significantly upgraded our defensive line right up the middle, especially in the run defense department. Hopefully Ellis proficiency as a pass rusher will help make Anderson s job easier at LE. Now, I realize that the CB class this year is extremely deep, but I think we have bigger priorities than CB, especially in the first 3 or 4 rounds. By adding Flacco, Choice and Titus Brown I think our QB position has been upgraded quite a bit, and I think it would be extremely ignorant to wait to draft a RB for another year, because this class is absolutely stacked. And I have a very good feeling about Titus Brown, so I wanted to pick him up in the 4th like I usually do. I really think Goff could be a steal in the 5th round, and it might seem weird that I have him that late, but that is where he is projected right now. Anyways, it was hard to make this draft work without an extra pick in the 2nd round (I have done trade-downs with the Bengals recently, but it didn t work this time around) but I think I did a pretty good job with it. Comments are very much appreciated and I hope you enjoyed reading this.


Mr. Offseason

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Fanboy3000 (1/9/2008)
Is it just me, or did you leave Clady out of the first round?


yes i did, oh my gosh. wow that is extremely pathetic, hes one of my top prospects that i want for us and i just completely forgot to put him in.

well, good catch fanboy. ;)

i guess i can promise a better job on this next week huh?

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Mr. Offseason, this is a really great draft with us. I agree with all of your FA signings. I'm trying to go off of memory, because I didn't want to quote the whole thing. :P I love Ellis, that is a great pick. I really think there's a good chance Baker drops to the second, and if he's available when we pick, we shouldn't even have to think twice about taking him.

I've only seen A&M play twice this year, and each time, Bryant didn't look all that spectacular to me. Maybe he was just having a bad game, but he undoubtedly gives us a big body, and more depth.

I'm not sure about Flacco lasting until the 3rd. It's always a possibility, but as we saw last draft, the Eagles had to sort of reach for Kolb. But, there's a good bit of depth at the QB position this year. I see Flacco as more of an early to mid second rounder, just because of his size and arm strength, but it's way too early to know for sure.

Now my memory has gone blank.

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The rest of your picks look good to me. Do you think Carmody will last until the 7th? If he is indeed the best kicker in the draft, I would think he would go in the 5th or 6th round. Once again though, very good job. Feel free to leave Clady out of the first, and let him slip to the second for us and it makes it much, much better.:P :laugh:

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Nice draft but why would you want 2 QBs ? Flacco is enough , you could get a good player with that Flynn pick . We should keep Harrington anyway .

I think Nat Dorsey has signed a new contract with the Browns sad to say.

I don't think we get rid of Forney , And I'd say they will see how well Colman dose next spring before they make that decition.

You have a few players to high and a few to low so if you switched them you'd be OK so no problem there.

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i like the selection of choice, mainly because i'm a tech fan. but because of this, i've seen every game he's played in over the past few years.

I don't know what the scouting report has said about him, but he is without question a hard nosed runner with great vision. he's very quick at seeing the hole and getting through the hole, but his biggest problem is the lack of top-end speed.

i've seen him break open so many plays that should go the distance only to see him caught from behind or a safety coming from the otherside of the field to bring him down.

all that being said, i wish we could've seen more of snelling this season. i know this is a very deep draft at the rb position, but i think snelling could be a great between the tackles runner, leaving norwood to take it to the house.

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wow i definately thought this thread was done about 5 days ago, but it made a miraculous comeback i suppose.

im glad you all liked it, this would be a good draft for us in my opinion. obviously, though, we cant fill all the needs in one draft.

and if what someone said about dorsey resigning with the browns is true, then that is dissapointing. he would have been a great depth addition at both OT spots.

anyways, thanks for the comments guys. im gonna head out to hang with some friends in a minute, but i should have more time to respond to some of the questions and comments you guys had later. thanks again :)

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I`d be very happy with this draft. Solid value at each pick, IMO.

Addresses the priority, the two lines, offensive and defensive. Ellis and Bryant would start from Day 1 with sure hand back-ups in Babs and T.Lewis.

I think i`d take Chris Williams with that OT pick, but I wouldn`t be mad with Baker.

The other pick that I like is the Goff one. Besides Laurinaitis, the other two ILB`s i`d like for us to get is Goff and Beau Bell.

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