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Who agrees that Ray Rice and Colt Brennian should be drafted by tha falcons

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We the (4-12) atlanta falcons should be built by strength and speed, and you can throw a little size in there as well. (o-line, and D) So I decieded 2 give a little advice cause I've did this be for and it worked. I said that it was a good idea 4 us 2 draft D.Hall back in 04 and look at him now? just a little example.

1st pick

RB Darren McFadden, Arkansas

(simpley cause hes tha best runnung back in the draft next 2 felix jones and c.jhonson from that purple and back colloge, I for got the name. And all the 1st round qb's are not consistant.)

2nd pick(B)

OG Mike McGlynn, Pittsburgh

(simply cause we need BIG offensive lineman, and he waights 317lbs)

2nd pick(a)

S Marcus Griffin, Texas

(Simply cause were weak at the Freesafty position)

3rd pick

QB John David Booty

(hes underated and good with finding or makeing and open man like Peyton manning)

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