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Attention Florida fans!!!


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Demetrius Dew (1/9/2008)
Headshot (1/9/2008)
Yeah, this isn't doing anything for me.

Show me that picture of Moreno jumping over our line and that will get me good and pizzed off.

Is it past the statue of limitation for you or were you just not a fan than?

No I grew up in Gainesville and Tampa and my mom and two aunts went to Florida, I was a Gator from the time I left the womb.

It's mostly just the fact that we tore through the SEC undefeated and destroyed FSU in the Championship Game the following year. Defeat is a lot less painful when you experience victory so soon afterwards.

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MrPickles (1/9/2008)
JaGz (1/9/2008)
I never understood why he(TF) didn't at least try to go pro, instead he just tried coaching.

Didn't he have blood clots or something? And at the time Black QB's were looked down up on

Well, I don't think it was so much that black QB's were looked down upon as it was that option quarterbacks were looked down upon, as they still are to this day.

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