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Clarity please

DL Reese

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from what I gather, there is no "moratorium" on when you can interview a front-office guy that is not related to coaching - regardless of whether team is in playoffs or not. You still have to ask permission of the team but I don't think the team really has the right to turn down the request for interview.

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Oh, and for those who are unsure of the rules on interviewing assistants, here's what league spokesman Greg Aiello said in an e-mail today:

"For clubs that have byes for wild-card weekend, interviews of its coaches must be conducted prior to the conclusion of the wild-card games." (MG SAYS: This would be Garrett, Sparano and all the other coaches on the Cowboys, Packers, Colts and Patriots.)

"For assistant coaches in a wild-card game that advance to the divisional playoffs, interviews must be conducted after the wild-card games and prior to the conclusion of the divisional playoffs." (MG SAYS: This would be Spags this week.)

"An assistant coach in the Super Bowl who has previously interviewed for another club's head coaching job may have a second interview with a club with which it has previously interviewed for an open HC position with the permission of the assistant's current club and as long as there is a two-week break between the conference championship games and the Super Bowl. The interview has to take place at a time and location that is acceptable for the current employer club and it can take place no later than the Sunday preceding the Super Bowl."

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DL Reese (1/9/2008)
I know about the moratorium on hiring coaches from teams in the playoffs but is the same true for front office personnel?

I 've seen the question asked but never saw a definitive answer.

what moratorium is this?

there is a rule but rules are broken all the time...ask jerry jones

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