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We are interviewing everybody else....


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I find it curious that there are some OBVIOUS super-qualified candidates that are available for General Manager and Head Coach that are not being interviewed as of yet......

Head Coach:

Russ Grimm

Marty Schottenheimer

General Manager:

Floyd Reese

Charley Casserly

Tom Modrak

Since they are interviewing double-digit numbers for both - why would you exclude these names. I know some will say Marty is not interested in being coach - but if Blank was insistent, Marty would at least listen.

With regard to GM search, the three listed here maybe a little on the "old" side but they are **** good at what they do - why would you at least not interview them?

The only thing I can think of is that some are not "fans" of the way Falcons are being "run" right now by what they may deem a "meddlesome" owner and might question why Rich McKay is still around.

The one name I just have to believe SHOULD be interviewed is Russ Grimm who probably should have gotten the Steelers job. Grimm would be GREAT candidate for Falcons job. Interview him, Arthur - regardless of what McKay says!!!!!!!!

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