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Record heat spreads across midwest! So much for the "cooling cycle"!


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Oh boy, Spring-like weather in JANUARY all over the midwest today, and some kook fringe conservatives STILL try to deny global warming exists!! :w00t:

Record-setting warmth over the Midwest today will continue its grip on the eastern half of the nation. On Monday, Chicago set a second consecutive daily high temperature record. On Sunday, the temperature hit 60 degrees before climbing to 65 on Monday. Detroit set a record Monday with a high of 64 degrees, shattering the old record of 57 degrees set in 1989.

Many places in the Midwest challenged all-time January highs. (Can't blame ALGORE for this one! :D ) The temperature in Detroit was just 3 degrees shy of the all-time record for the month and was only one of seven times during January that the high in the Motor City reached or surpassed 64 degrees.

The springlike warmth reached the East Coast on Monday. New York City was just 2 degrees shy of the daily record of 64 degrees, while Philadelphia fell one degree shy of the record of 65 set in 1950.

A number of long-standing daily temperature records were toppled on Monday.

* Allentown, Pa.: 63° (Old: 61/1998)/li>

* Washington-Dulles Airport: 71° (Old: 66/1998)

* Atlantic City, N.J.: 69° (Old: 65/1950)

* Buffalo, N.Y. : 62° (Old 54/1935)

* Chicago, Ill.: 65° (Old 59/1907)

* Indianapolis, Ind.: 68° (Old 64/1907)

* St. Louis, Mo.: Tied record of 73° set in 1965

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