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Why are we freaking about interviewing HC's before GM's


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it makes total sense to intrview them now,

consider it a 1st interview,

-to show we are interested

-if we wait, we might not be able to interview them until after the Super Bowl, Feb??(long time)

-once we get a GM, we can bring them in a 2nd time, if that GM likes them,

-better interview them while you have the chance,

but i agree about Blank

I was living in Dallas at the time Jones took over the Cowboys, and his meddling is what made Johnson leave, EVEN JERRY JONES knew when to back off, he learned to back off the football side, and focused on showing his face in marketing and in commercials, he learned to still to be able to sit in the draft room but not say anything, I dont think Blank has learned this yet, and hed better soon, I understand the Falcons are his puppy, and he should be able to do what he wants, but stop whispering in the coaches ear, stop wheeling players around, stop saying what team prayers should be, just stop, and the football guys do football

so it seems like all the people we have brought in are all on playoff teams, have we interviewed anyone else????

if thats the case, then yes, i would say its weird and backwards

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then yes.... thats backwards, that makes me feel like nothing is going to change

that whoever comes in as GM will have Blank and McKay breathing down their neck

the thing about Blank, the guy seems smart, passionate and really is dedicated, but... then again, Ahab was all those things when trying to catch Moby ****, and we know how that turns out

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Even though a GM hires his guy, Blank will be working with him too. The organization will have to get along with the new HC. I am glad to see Blank interview HC candiates right now. If he hired one without having a GM, then I would be pissed. He will hire the GM first, then hire the HC after the GM meets him and interviews him for a second time.

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Simple answer:

You can only interview coaches from playoff teams (the most likely candidates, obviously) during the bye week. Therefore this was our only chance to interview candidates from the cowboys and colts etc until potentially the beginning of february.

I'm sure that a HC will not be appointed without the new GM's approval. There will probably also be a second interview. That's pretty standard with most jobs.

Incidentally, it appears that Blank is giving HC and GM candidates IQ tests. That's absurd. That might work in the normal workplace, but IQ has sod all to do with talent evaluation or coaching... and I'd be pretty offended as a senior coach / personnel guy to be asked to do an IQ test.

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