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Randy Moss

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popcornplaya (1/7/2008)
Bloodhoundz Reborn (1/7/2008)
**** No thats like me dumping Priya Rai to go out with Rosie O'Donnell.

One's a whore and the other a fat lesbian, what's your point? :w00t:

Jokes aside, Moss is going no where.

A dyme piece whore is >>>>> a fat ugly lesbian

Pats = Dyme piece whore

Falcons = fat ugly lesbian

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What does Vick have to do with it? Vick?? Mr career sub 55% passer.

He wouldn't come here because....

He has proven that he wants to play with a winner

He has proven that he won't show up if the team isn't playoff ready

We have no Quarterback

We will have a new head coach

He very well could be coming off the greatest season any one team has every had if the pats win the SB.

And while I very well could be wrong about this...I don't know that he is going to look for the biggest paycheck next year. I think he might stay with the pats, for less than what he would get from other teams.

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vick has everything to do with it. he wanted to come and play here because of vick not in spite of him. take of the hater goggles.

he will stay with the pats. all he wants is to win. so why would he leave. like someone else mentioned he will play for less than other teams would be willing to pay to be on a winner. can you blame him?

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