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Kind of a strange comment here.


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Through work, I have an unusual amount of contacts on the west coast. Several of them are in the Bay area. One of them incidentally mentioned the other day that his brother works as a scout for the Raiders. He asked what I knew of Sedrick Ellis, saying they had him rated slightly higher than "Howie Long's kid" and were already pretty locked in on one of the two of them for the draft.

I give this more credence today than I did the other day (he's a reliable guy about movies, but we've never talked sports before), because he knew that Rob Ryan was not definitely fired before Adam Schefter did. I was joking about him being gone, and he said, "Don't be so sure." Then, the story came out that his fate was still in flux as a power struggle seems to be happening between Kiffin and Davis about whom to trust with the defense.

Take it with a grain of salt, but the pieces do seem to fit. The Raiders' defensive line is lousy right now.

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