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2008 running back class is sick


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6'2 210lbs Darren McFadden


5'11 235lbs Jonathan Stewart


6'0 200lbs Felix Jones


5'11 215lbs Rashard Mendenhall


6'0 205lbs Jamaal Charles


6'1 215lbs Kevin Smith


5'11 190lbs Chris Johnson


then you might have ray rice entering and steve slaton.......plus all the senoir running backs

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Twinblade (1/6/2008)
I hear that Kevin smith is going back to college.

No, he changed his mind. I read an article today about it, he will be going pro. I would love to have Chris Johnson in the third though. May have to convert him to WR, but he's an excellent returner, and we need one of those badly.

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Twinblade (1/6/2008)
I hear that Kevin smith is going back to college.

he changed his mind


it seem like we can get a good starting runningback in the second or maybe even the third round

Is it just me or does it seem like Kevin Smith may end up like Cedric Benson...a great college back..but not pro back.....he is strong but it seem like he does not have that explosion in his legs.........he will either be Cedric Benson or Marion Barber type back

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14falcons (1/7/2008)
So? We need linemen.

Glenn Dorsey


Anthony Collins


Jake Long


so?two of those are 1st rounders.we're talking about 2nd rounders and so on.It's better than taking McFadden first when there are great backs everywhere.I'd like Dorsey first,haven't paid any attention to Long when I watched Michigan games.

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