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do you think steelers shouda won?

ashley sharp

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crucifixz (1/6/2008)
Why would anyone that is in the FALCONS message boards care about this anyway?....F the Steelers and F the Jags......we should have had the number 2 pick in the draft but we had to go and beat the Seagals.

Because everybody here is a FOOTBALL fan, not just a Falcon fan.

But this should probably be in Around The NFL.

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Greenwood (1/6/2008)
No, Hines Ward should've been called for offensive pass interference (or a face mask) on Pittsburghs last TD.

Man, you aren't kidding. That was the most unreal thing I've ever seen. How on earth could the ref have missed that? Ward had the guy by the facemask, which pulled his head down. The guy had to put his arms out to keep from being dragged down by the grill! Ward really could have hurt that guy doing that; we're not talking about some little tug, after all. He had his hand INSIDE the guy's facemask and had his fist wrapped around it!

So, no, Pittsburgh shouldn't have won. At all.

Also, bear in mind that Jacksonville missed a field goal earlier that would have given them the lead even after Pittsburgh's gift TD.


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I thought both teams played well, and I don't believe one "penalty not called" on Hines Ward should detract from his performance.

I think a lot of the blame falls on whomever on the coaching staff called a QB draw on the Steelers final third down play. Way too conservative, they should have at least tried to pass for the 1st down. It doesn't make any sense, considering the field position and the fact that there was still nearly 3 minutes left on the clock, to run it on 3rd just to force Jacksonville to use a timeout.

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