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But I Wanted To Do My Own Mock Draft..So Be Patient With Ya Boi. This Iz my First Time Doing This Off The Head.But Get Back At Me, And Let Me What u Think?? And How I Messed Up?? Thanx..

First Round..1.Mcf Ark. or J.Long.Mich Or even R.Clady Boise S.

Second Round..2a.Chris J E.carolina Or Thomas Brown UGa. Or Tashard Choice..this is only If snelling stays or if mcf gone by first round before we get'em

Second Round..2b.Chad.H Mich..or Joe F.delaware..or R.Felton.Ark

Third Round..3a..Fernado. V Uga or C.wallace..T A&M or Q.Groves Aub.

Third Round..3b..W.Arnold LSU..or S.Ellis USC..or M.Harrison.ARK

Fourth Round.. 4 J.Goff Vandy..X,Adibi.V tech..or.B flowers V tech

Fifth Round..K.davis.Mich State..or P.Hillis..Ark or J.Hardy Ind..

Sixth Round..E.Bennet..vandy or C.Steltz LSU..or B.Coutu or..JJ Finley.Okl

Seventh Round.7a A.carmody LOU..or M.Griffin Tex..Mike D..North Dakota State

Seventh Round..7b S.Slaton..WVU or whomever is left i ran outta guy's to name but i haven't checked if any of thses guy's is staying or going..Sorry

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First space it out nicer I got lost a couple times. There is no way Slaton is there in the 7th if he declared I'm not sure. Velasco can be drafted in the 6-7 round. Goff is going in the 2-3 round and Adibi probably the same. It needs work but its your first mock so you can do a lot better. Go to www.nfldraftscout.com to see the player rankings and see around what round each player will go in.

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