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Mt first Mock draft for the year


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1. Jake Long OT 6'7" 309 Michigan

2a. Frank Okam DT 6'4" 325 Texas

2b. Mike Hart RB 5'9" 200 Michigan

3a. Chad Henne QB 6'2" 225 Michigan

3b. Will Arnold OG 6'3" 320 LSU

4. Marcus Griffin S 5'11" 200 Texas

5. Jo-Lonn Dunbar ILB 6'0" 225 Boston College

6. De'cody Fagg WR 6'1" 210 Florida State

7a. Ambrose Wooden CB 5'10" 191 Notre Dame

7b. Joe Jon Finley TE 6'6" 258 Oklahoma

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What's wrong with liking Michigan players? Michigan puts a lot of good players into the NFL and they tend to be real professionals from what i've seen. You know what you get with Michigan players and I don't remember seeing many Michigan players in the news at all for off field problems. They make for safe picks.

What I don't agree with in that mock is taking Hart in the second and Henne in the third. QB is a more important position than RB and Hart has a ton of miles on his legs from college. He carried the ball over 1,000 times and dealt with injuries. I would never take him over a QB in the second...

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