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'08 Draft Strategy...

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First and foremost I hope we can land one of the big 3. For me the big 3 are: Dorsey, McFadden, and Long. I don't really favor one more then the other, but I would love to get Long to lock down the LT spot for the next decade.

Second, I think it would be silly to draft a QB with our first pick. I have my top 5 QB's like this:

1. Ryan

2. Woodson

3 Booty

4. Brohm

5. Ainge

I know most don't have Booty and Ainge rated as high as I do, but I think Booty emerge as the 1st or 2nd best QB in the draft class eventually. Even if you disagree and have Brennen or Henne in there, that's fine. There is going to be a lot of choices in the 2nd round. Personally I would like to get Booty in the 2nd.

With out other second pick we should look to draft whatever we didn't get in the 1st. If we get McFadden, then we should go to Cherilus (if available) or Richardson. If we get Long, look for one of the many good RB's that will be available.

I feel pretty fortunate w/ this draft class actually. Sure I would love for us to be able to get a Peyton Manning like prospect with our first pick, but I think QB/RB/OT are very deep in this draft. DT is somewhat of a concern though.

Precombine I would like to see us go this way:

1. Jake Long OT Michigan

2a. Felix Jones RB Arkansas

2b. John David Booty QB USC

3. Demario Pressley DT NCST or best defensive player on the board.

This seems like a huge step in the right direction. Can't wait to see what happens.

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I like your precombine mock. I would be ecstatic if it went down like that. Although, I think Booty could be dropped into the third round. I like the pick of the NCST guy, I'll have to read up on him, but I know that NCST has a knack for producing good DL, Williams, Lawson, Mc(something).

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