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falcon fan here from america

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i'm from ATL, GA. i speak american, i have watched the falcons with my mom since i was in my early teens. i was hooked and have been an avid fan ever since. i was originally on the falcons message boards as bobby BOOshay. i wish the mod could change my screen name for me, that would be sweet of him. um, i meant, dude! that would be sweet!

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same here marve. hey are'nt you a mod? can you twist somebodies arm or sweet talk them into changing my screen name back to bobby Booshay? THAT would be awesome! i dont see gazoo post much anymore either. i told celticsage i would get him a falcons tobogin but i have'nt found one. i only looked at wal mart though. i may have to go to nfl shop. i did find a falcons santa hat but he asked for a toboggin and it is for taking me to a falcons game. hopefully i'll see some of you guys at the practices next season.

had to double check, i thought you were a mod, i guess i was mistaken. i better start sucking up to sacfalcfan and shiney mcshine. hopefully they remember me as well.

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