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Why we should wait to draft a QB

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Sports Illustrated

Author:Reuben Frank


When he was coming out of college, Jeff Garcia didn't have to worry about how much weight he lifted or how fast he did the shuttle run or any of the other stuff they measure at the scouting combine in Indianapolis.

He wasn't invited.

"Teams too often just look at your measurables -- your height and weight, 40 time, all those things," Garcia said. "But none of that measures what's inside. How motivated somebody is. How much heart he has. What kind of competitor he is. And that has a lot to do with what kind of quarterback he becomes. It's probably more important than how fast you are or how strong your arm is."

That explains why Garcia -- who wasn't drafted out of San Jose State, who didn't even get to the NFL until after he played five years in the CFL -- is a three-time Pro Bowl pick, has the 11th-highest passer rating in NFL history and on Saturday will quarterback his third team in the playoffs in the last six years.

And it helps explain why five of the 12 starting quarterbacks in the postseason this year were either ignored in the draft or selected on Day 2, long after most of the country stopped paying attention.

Matt Hasselbeck and Tom Brady were sixth-round picks, Tony Romo and Garcia were undrafted and David Garrard was a fourth-round pick.

Along with guys like sixth-round picks Marc Bulger and Derek Anderson and undrafted Kurt Warner, Jake Delhomme and Jon Kitna, they are part of an intriguing trend that has seen a remarkable number of successful quarterbacks take the most unexpected routes to stardom.

"We call ourselves the Day 2 guys," Hasselbeck said. "Me, Bulger, Brady -- all those guys. Drafted sometime after pick 160. Day 2 guys are not usually going to get fined for having their socks too low or being late for meetings. We've had to fight our way onto a roster, much less onto the playing field."

While first-round locks like Ryan Leaf, Heath Shuler, Tim Couch, Akili Smith, Cade McNown, Joey Harrington and David Carr have struggled dramatically or drifted out of the NFL, one-time footnotes like Romo, Brady, Warner and the others have found their way to greatness.

Of the 10 highest-rated quarterbacks in the NFL this year, six were either undrafted or taken in the fourth round or later.

The list of the 20 highest-rated QBs in NFL history includes eight undrafted or Day 2 guys.

Here is another article talking about 1st round QBs from the last 10 years

Shows from 2001 so here are the other 1st round QBs from then on:

2002: 1st overall David Carr 3rd Overall Joey Harrington 32 Overall Patrick Ramsey (None are starters anymore)Good QBs 0/3

2003 1st Overall Carson Palmer 7th Overall Byron Leftwich 19th Overall Kyle Boller 22nd Overall Rex Grossman(Only Palmer is a starter) 1/4

2004 1st Overall Eli Manning 4th Overall Phillip Rivers 11th Overall Ben Roethlisberger (All still start)

2005 1st Overall Alex Smith 24th Overall Aaron Rodgers 25th Overall Jason Campbell(Only Campbell has been a quality starter & Rodgers hasnt gotten a chance)

2006 3rd Overall Vince Young 10th Overall Matt Leinart 11th Overall Jay Cutler (Not sure what to make of this class yet)

I feel the only QB worthy of a first round pick is Brian Brohm. All the QBs that garner a ton of hype due to mostly just their senior season seem to fail but the ones hyped throughout their career like Brohm seem more likely to succeed. There are exceptions to this but that is just my outlook on a first round QB. But high selected QBs with hype mainly their senior year seem destined to fail Alex Smith, Byron Leftwich, Joey Harrington and David Carr are a few.

Another thing from 2002-2006 at least three QBs were taken in the first round and last year their were only 2 because their lacked another elite QB in the draft. So following that trend Brohm Ryan and Woodson will all be first round picks.

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It just goes to show how much of a crap shoot the draft really is... Especially when drafting a QB in the 1st. The stage this team at, i really dont think its necessary to draft a QB in the 1st, i think it would benefit us more to get one in the 2nd/3rd round and upgrade numerous other positions, but thats JMO...

Upgrading either line, or grabbing a stud MLB would be my first priority but some people just wont have that. The QB is the be all and end all position for them. If the FO goes with a 1st round QB, i will be somewhat pissed, but at the same time i will understand... If that QB busts though.............

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