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San Francisco 49ers coaching staff (Mike Singletary) led by Mike Nolan will be coaching the South Team this year


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atljbo (1/5/2008)
Mike Singletary will be there...thats good news for us...if we get Mike Singletary, he should have a inside look at the prospects again

Yeah I remember they did it last year too and I'm pretty sure Patrick Willis was being coached by Mike Singletary. Wonder if that had anything to do with the 49ers drafting Willis?

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I think we will have a coach before the Senior Bowl rolls around.

I am going to be at the Senior Bowl (one of the perks of living in Pensacola) and I plan on trying to say hello to the Falcon Staff at the practices if I can pull it off without looking like a stalker.

Definately wearing a Falcon jersey to the game.

And carrying a sign that says "Welcome to NCAA Football South Alabama!"

My alma mater just decided to have a football team!

I can't wait until a South Alabama Jaguar is drafted by the Falcons.

He will officially be my favorite Falcon ever, even if he is 8th string long snapper.

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AJC said this morning that Blank and McKay were interviewing the playoff coaches now because there a short window and possible coaches who are not in the playoffs later-----hence Singletary's interview will come later. I have to believe he or Caldwell will be our HC.

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