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How the draft will go.

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It will begin with me glued to ESPN...

1. Matt Ryan (I'll then begin to lose hope)

2a Generic CB (I'll then begin to wonder why we drafted a CB)

2b John David Booty (if we need a QB, why not draft 2 right McKay?)

3 Generic Kicker

I will then turn the TV off, and cry on the sofa.

If you can convince me that AF will not screw this draft up, I would love to be convinced.

I was pleased with every mock draft I seen last year, but when the actual pick came down, Jamaal... I put a paper bag on my head.

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The OP above is a pessimist.

1. Either D-Mac or Dorsey

2. MLB

2a. RB or QB

3. DT

3a. OG or RB

4. K

The 2a. QB pick will either happen if there is a suitable player or we stick with Redman and DJ with a possibility of a FA pick up.

The 3a. Depending on the 2a pick.

Highly promising. If it happens this way.

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