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Put the Falcons in the Bucs shoes ......


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Has the current success given you eyes anew into the heart and talent on this team? Do you think if we'd have won the south and were sitting in the Bucs shoes that we fair better than the 31-10 stopping we got a few weeks ago?

In short, how do we match up? Anything different this go around that'd change the game?

We had alot of injuries for the Giants game erlier in the season, but not too many of those guys were back for this last game......

We had alot of new faces see the field.....

We had a different coach.....


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OMG: for a moment I thought this was another thread/Lifetime Channel commercial on how we should dress the players.:w00t:

Thank goodness it turned out to be an incomprehensible collection of disassociated thoughts in an attempt to gain insight into the inner meaning of a lousy season.:w00t:

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