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2008 off season for the atlanta falcons

Cam or phe

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I feel like this, the falcons is an team were if one person shows he wanna win thin the whole team feels the same... Vick felt like winning every game and so did the team. My point is that, every one wants us 2 draft a Quater back and I fifty fifty agree but, I feel the 1st round qb's are a little. . . over rated. Brian Bhrom is it? He looks like Peyton Manning, but manages the game like has Leftwich, the falcons leftwich that is. Matt Ryan, His Touch down and interception ration does'nt woo me ether. He has thrown for hella touch downs but at the same time thrown hella interceptions cause of a bad line. So say if he comes to atlanta, he would be even more horrible cause our line collapse faster than the twin towers did. Hay just calling it like I see it. All Im saying is maybe we should trade so older vets like, Dunn and get some most needed draft picks. Cause if atlanta be ******** enought to select a QB 1st, we thin gotta spend the rest of our picks on his protection. Thats not good. I say D.J Shockley Is our man. Many may laughed it up after reading this but, close ya eyes and reflect on him in the preseason, how in his rookie year he lead the atlanta falcons down the starch to score on the all mighty NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS, Has an more matured vick, complete with speed ACCURATCEY and leader ship to do what Vick did but 10x better. Now this off-season is heckted, we NEED a lot of things. Qb, Offensive line, coach ect. Free agents isn't our friend when it comes to a quaterback but it will be in other areas like the O-line and maybe line backer. Thin the Draft comes along, This is my opinion. with our 1st pick if has still on the bored we should select. . . Arkansas Razorbacks Darren McFadden, with the second pick we should select. . . Hawaii warriors Colt Brennin, and third pick an grate big ol O-lineman that weights over 310lbs. The fatter the more protection, the more protection the more we see the birds in the endzone, and the more we see them more in the endzone the more we see them in the playoffs. BOTTOM LINE

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