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Blank is looking high!! Indy, next stop!!


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"Polian, 36, is the son of Indianapolis team president and general manager Bill Polian and, despite his youth, has a long and impressive scouting background. His first job in the league was as a pro scout in Carolina (1994-97), and he joined the Colts' personnel staff as director of pro scouting in 1998. He has served as assistant general manager and is in his third season as vice president of football operations."


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MSalmon (1/3/2008)
I like the potential of this pair better than any other candidates. Polian obviously learned from the best; and Caldwell is easily the best QB mentor out there--very important considering we'll probably be investing in one.

Please stop, you're killing me! I'd look like a great QB mentor if Payton Manning was my QB.

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kjc34 (1/3/2008)
FalconFan1 (1/3/2008)
Jim Caldwell for HC no more needs to be said
someone said he interviewed here last year????? wtf, i dont remember it??

do you guys know if we passed on him for.......( i will not mention his name)

Yeah, I had read that earlier in an article and posted it on another thread. The article said that Caldwell was a "runner-up" for the Falcon job last year, but was passed for Quittrino!

If I find it again, I'll add the link!

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