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Why not Hue Jackson?


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Hue Jackson bio (Wikipedia)

14 years as a college coach (OC for USC 1997-2000)

Washington Redskins - 2001-02 Running backs coach

Washington Redskins - 2003 Offensive Coordinator

Cinncinnati Bengals 2004-2006 WR Coach

Atlanta Falcons - 2007 Offensive Coordinator

Looks like a good resume to me!

Hue Jackson for HC!!! I think he's ready!

Not to mention I met him on the airplane on my way back home to VA, when he was going to meet with MV7 the night that he got charged with the felonies. I didnt ask him why he was going there but I told him how big of a fan I am of the Falcons. I am 5'10 and he looked shorter than me. LOL!

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So, of all of the people against Hue being hired...are you in the group that wants Garrett and his 1 year as OC? Just wondering. I would think Hue has more experience as a OC and coach period for that matter would be better. I think he is ready and so does he according to his interview on SIRIUS NFL Radio today.

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formul8or (1/2/2008)
I think Hue will probably be a great head coach one day, I just want Singletary for headcoach for his leadership with Hue complimenting with great play calling and coaching for the offense. I think it would be a killer duo.

I would not be against that either. he showed that once he was given the chance to call plays, he could handle it again. He worked under Steve Spurrier so I don't know what type of offense he would use but I'm sure a mix between what he was using the last 3 games and some of his own philosophies would be fine for whoever we have here. As long as we address the issues on the line and utilize our playmakers. I would be all for that!

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