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Not the right forum, but.... 2008 NFL MOCK DRAFT

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Hey all, sorry for those of you that have beef with me posting this here, but there is 41 active members here to 3 in the draft forum.

I am not one of those Falcons fans that just wanted us to lose for the #3 pick, I was so happy to see them fight until the end and get a W Sunday, proudest moment of the team this year. Kills momentum for Seattle:D, and creates momentum for us.

Anyway this following Mock Draft, I made myself and it is using the current order that the NFL has given, and I have put us in the 3rd spot, because, after all the luck (or lack thereof) that we have had this year, something has to go right and hopefully that is the coin toss in February. Give me your feedback, good or bad, tell me what you think will happen, draft day scenarios, whatever, I will happily read it. Thanks! GO BIRDZ!!!!:cool:

#1-Miami Dolphins- Glenn Dorsey, DT, LSU: will get Parcells salivating over his 3-4.

#2-St. Louis Rams- Jake Long, OT, Michigan: Orlando Pace is oft-injured, time to retire.

#3-Atlanta Falcons- Darren McFadden, RB, Arkansas: Dunn is over the hill, we don't know if Norwood can carry the load, McFadden speaks for himself. Kenny Phillips and Sedrick Ellis are also options.

#4-Oakland Raiders- Sedrick Ellis, DT, USC: Just as good as Dorsey, just less reputation. Will be a Tommie Harris clone.

#5-Kansas City Chiefs- Matt Ryan, QB, Boston College: Not worth the early pick he will get. Damon Huard, Brodie Croyle, nuff said. They may give Croyle a shot, which makes Ryan Clady an option.

#6-New York Jets- Chris Long, DE, Virginia: They will want D-Mac, but can Mangini have his D-Line getting pushed around like kittens again?

#7-New England Patriots- James Laurinaitis, MLB, Ohio State: Belichick may not draft him, but they need him. If they have one weakness on the roster, it's the aged Linebacking corps.

#8-Baltimore Ravens- Brian Brohm, QB, Louisville: Kyle Boller is not the answer, Steve McNair is Steve McNair.

#9-Cincinnati Bengals- Vernon Gholston, DE, Ohio State: Cinci's defense looks like a bunch of girl scouts, and this man is an absolute beast at 260 and still running a 4.5 40.

#10-New Orleans Saints- Malcolm Jenkins, CB, Ohio State: Mike Mckenzie is 30 something and not that great anyway, their secondary is as good as Robert Gallery. Jenkins will be a great shutdown corner.

#11-Buffalo Bills- Malcolm Kelly, WR, Oklahoma: DeSean Jackson also an option, but with Kelly being 6'4", he would be the perfect complement to Lee Evans.

#12-Denver Broncos- Dan Connor, OLB, Penn State: Denver could have something of everything on defense to help DJ Williams and Champ, so Calais Campbell and Kenny Phillips are also options.

#13-Carolina Panthers- Kenny Phillips, FS, Miami: Carolina has non existent safeties, Kenny Phillips will make them very existent.

#14-Chicago Bears- Andre Woodson, QB, Kentucky: Sexy Rexy (my cousin calls him this, he is not sexy at all lol) is officially, well, Rex Grossman, and Brian Griese is just old and crap.

#15-Detroit Lions- Mike Jenkins, CB, South Florida: Detroits secondary is in a terrible state and Mike Jenkins will give Malcolm Jenkins a run for the top corner spot at the combine.

#16-Arizona Cardinals- Calais Campbell, DE, Miami: Arizona gets no pressure to the opposing QB, and Campbell is a great DE and will help immediately.

#17-Minnesota Vikings- DeSean Jackson, WR, California: QB would be an option if any of the 3 are still available, same with Kenny Phillips, but they most likely will be gone and Bobbly Wade led the Vikings receivers this year. (I hear you say "Who?")

#18-Houston Texans- Jonathan Stewart, RB, Oregon: Ahman Green was never 'great' and Ron Dayne is old and Jonathan Stewart is the best big man back in this draft.

#19-Philadelphia Eagles- Ryan Clady, OT, Boise State: The game against the Giants explains enough, I know it was a backup tackle, but their line isn't great. Clady will change this.

#20-Tampa Bay Bucs- Early Doucet, WR, LSU: Great playmaking WR, Galloway and Hilliard will be 37 and.... 32? I think? respectively.

#21-Washington Redskins- Derrick Harvey, DE, Florida: The skins need to overhaul their D-Line and the current, Phillip Daniels, isn't exactly young blood.

#22-Dallas Cowboys- Rashard Mendenhall, RB, Illinois: Julius Jones will be gone, and Marion Barber is yet to prove he is a lone feature back, not to say he isn't great, but he is used to a 2-back rotation. James Hardy is just as likely to be picked here too.

#23-Seattle Seahawks- Felix Jones, RB, Arkansas: Shaun Alexander is old and showing major signs of declining, and he is very oft-injured.

#24-Pittsburgh Steelers- Sam Baker, OT, USC: The Steelers surrendered almost 50 sacks this year. Not good last time I heard.

#25-Tennesee Titans- James Hardy, WR, Indiana: Do I really have to say anything about the Titans receivers?

#26-New York Giants- Adarius Bowman, WR, Oklahoma State: Not the most pressing need, but there are no players the Giants need worth picking until the 2nd-3rd rounds. Amani Toomer is a fossil, and Plaxico isn't exactly young either. A cornerback is possible too.

#27-San Diego Chargers- Pat Sims, DT, Auburn: Luis Castillo will be great, he is sometimes injured though, and Jamal Williams will be 32 come this draft.

#28-Jacksonville Jaguars- Mario Manningham, WR, Michigan: Matt Jones is a bust, and Manningham is a quick receiver, which will compliment Reggie Williams. Yes, another first round WR for the Jags. Ugh.

#29-Green Bay Packers- Aqib Talib, CB, Kansas: Al Harris is 33 and Charles Woodson is 31, they need youth at the corner spot. Reggie Smith would have just as much chance here.

#31-Dallas Cowboys- Limas Sweed, WR, Texas: T.O is 33, Terry Glenn is a fossil, and Patrick Crayton will probably be a free agent, so the Cowboys secure a top wideout.


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Corsair (1/2/2008)
vickisstillsick (1/2/2008)

yeah i do, i posted it there too, the reason i posted it here as well is because i will get more feedback.

I'm sure you will, and the draft forum will continue to be irrelevant.

What falcon talk other than draft,freeagency and coach/gm is there?Come on go back to tampa.:D

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