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Corey Williams- FA from GB...

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Does anyone think GB will resign him? They reached in last years draft for Justin Harrell, and i havnt heard much about how Harrell is doing. Did he even get on the field in his rookie year??

I think Williams would be a smart FA signing by the Falcs... He is only 27, and seems to be getting better every year. It would also allow us to be a bit more concentrated in the draft(knowing we have a solid DT signed)...

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He's played more down the stretch and in fact started the last two games, but he hasn't made much of an impression yet. That injury he got last year was always considered to be one that would require 18 months to fully recover from.

I'm one of the biggest Justin Harrell fans in the world and even I thought taking him at #16 was car-razy.

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From what I read he was nicked up (like in college) and was definately not living up to his draft status when he was playing.

Alot can change in a year though. With having Harrell and Jolley I dont know that GB will fork out the money for Williams. He would be one of my top targets in FA though. We need DT help, and he would be great insurance for Trey Lewis incase he has lingering effects from his injury.

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