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Not Talking Down About Garrett...but...

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because I dont see why...When I look at Dallas and compare them to Atlanta this is what I see...

Their QBs > Our QBs

Their RBs > Our RBs

Their OL > Our OL

Their pretty much everything > Our everything

So I mean, Garrett may be a good OC but I mean look what he has to work with here. Im just going to need a lil convincing to think that he would work out here considering the huge amount of difference between the two teams. Im not bashing the guy, but Im just trying to figure out how he would work out here...

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For all the praise Sparano is getting as a head coaching candidate, Garrett was night and day better calling the plays and building the scheme in his first year on the job. To a larger point, I don't believe anyone ever goes wrong by having the smartest guy in the room make the decisions. That's Garrett.

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