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Seriously,should we go after Derek Anderson?

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BEREA, Ohio -- The Browns are about to embark on an important offseason with several crucial decisions, none bigger than at quarterback.

If anybody is interested in him, we'll just have to see how it goes. Sometimes people can make you an offer and you can say, 'No, I think I'm going to stay with what I got.' Sometimes they make you an offer and you say, 'Oooohhh.'

--Romeo Crennel

Derek Anderson, the former sixth-round pick who began '07 as Charlie Frye's backup and ended it as a Pro Bowl alternate, is scheduled to become a restricted free agent.

The team has several options with Anderson, who passed for 3,787 yards and 29 touchdowns but also had 19 interceptions. Complicating matters is that Brady Quinn, he of the Notre Dame pedigree and runway model looks, also is on Cleveland's roster and the Browns gave up their 2008 first-round draft pick to Dallas in order to get him.

Needing to fill other holes, especially on a defense that struggled with injuries all season, the Browns may be willing to part with Anderson. They'll listen to offers.

"If anybody is interested in him, we'll just have to see how it goes," Browns head coach Romeo Crennel said. "Sometimes people can make you an offer and you can say, 'No, I think I'm going to stay with what I got.' Sometimes they make you an offer and you say, 'Oooohhh."'

The Cleveland Plain Dealer, citing an unnamed source, reported Tuesday that the Browns' current plan is for Anderson to be on the 2008 roster.

"I'll listen, but I don't have to do anything," Crennel said, according to the Plain Dealer. "We're going to do what we think is best to improve the team. As we evaluate it over the next week, we'll decide what that will be. To this point, nobody's made an offer."

If a small sampling of Cleveland's locker room is any indication, the Browns are divided.

"I don't believe there's a quarterback controversy," wide receiver Joe Jurevicius said. "I don't buy into that. I just think Derek Anderson's our man."

A few feet away, tight end Kellen Winslow seemed to side with Quinn.

"We drafted the guy," he said. "He's probably going to play. Derek's a great guy, but that's just the way this business works."

Surely, the Browns are developing a game plan for Anderson's situation.

They can tender him a $2.5 million deal for next year. If another club offers Anderson a better deal, the Browns can either match it or receive first- and third-round draft picks from that team as compensation.

The club also can place a franchise tag on Anderson, meaning his 2008 salary would be the average of the league's five highest-paid QBs. Any team wanting Anderson then would have to surrender two first-round picks.

Also, the Browns can sign the 24-year-old Anderson to a long-term contract, but that would seem unlikely after just one quality season.

For now, Anderson, good-natured and goofy, says he isn't sweating it. Cleveland has grown on him and he wants to stay.

"I really like it here. I kind of enjoy it. I like my teammates, I like the city and part of me doesn't want to move," he said.

That will be up to the Browns, who have waited for years to find one dependable quarterback and seem to have two.

However, don't dare tell Crennel that he's got a quarterback controversy on his hands. Crennel, whose job seemed in jeopardy when the season opened, insists the Browns are in an enviable position with Anderson and Quinn, who made his pro debut in Sunday's win over San Francisco.

"It's a good problem to have," he said. "I would much rather have too many good players, than not enough good players. We've had not enough good players around here for a while and we saw the results of that."

With free agency still more than two months away, Crennel is already tired of questions about his quarterbacks. He was baffled when asked if he felt the need to give Anderson a season-ending vote of confidence.

"Why would we think that? The guy just won 10 games for us. Does he need a vote of confidence?" Crennel snapped. "You guys are the ones who always bring up this quarterback thing. Just because you're a draft pick, that doesn't guarantee you success in the NFL. You have to go play and you have to prove it.

"You have to have an opportunity to prove it. Anderson has done a good job with his opportunity. Brady will do a good job with his opportunity when he gets it."

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monoxide (1/2/2008)
oregonsfan (1/2/2008)
I don't think so, for two reasons: 1) The Browns want a first and third for him; and, 2) I think he may have played wayyyyyy over his head this year, but will come back down to earth next year.

That's what they said about Tom Brady, that it was all momentum due to the Bledsoe injury, and he would have a mediocre sophomore season. He came back and doubled his TD's, and lead them to another playoff game. Of course, I dont think we need Anderson, because we already have a fine quarterback in Chris Redman, but Anderson is something special.

Whether Anderson does a crash and burn next year or not, I hope we can agree he is no Tom Brady. For Tom Brady, I could see giving up a first and third... :P

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I can't really decide if Anderson will be a good NFL QB long-term. The questions about him now are the same they were coming out of college. He throws a lot of INTs (shaky decision making) and his accuracy is not too good (56%). He still has potential as he gets experience, but he is definitely not worth a 1st and 3rd rounder.

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Seriously, NO!

The Browns will put the highest tender on him, because they don't need to keep him, and they don't want to let him go. First round and a 3rd round. That would DESTROY our draft. And he has had some bad games. He threw 4 picks last week. 4 is a lot.

Even past that, I don't feel like Anderson is much better than Redman. Think about this: the Browns improved their Oline with Thomas, they picked up Lewis to run the ball, and they have Edwards catching the ball. Put him behind a worse Oline, with no WR's near that talent level (even though I love White and Robinson, they are not close to Edwards) and Lewis is a beast. He has put up some bad games, and we could only expect more on our team.

****, if we were going to get rid of our top 5 pick, I'd trade it to someone for their pick next year and some more this year, because I don't really like any of these QB's coming out.

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OK, let me make sense of this.

1) the "CLE wants a 1st and 3rd" myth.....

How quickly you guys forget....I mean c'mon already. We tendered Schuab for a 1st and third. We traded him for 2 seconds and a couple slots in round one. We got mid first round points value for him. CLE will likely have to take something very similar to the Schuab deal. I could see getting him for our top 2nd this year and a 2nd next year. Might need to throw in a player or 3 or 4 this year too.

2) is he for real?

Anderson showed signs of great potential last season when he subbed in for an injured Frye. The front office in CLE loved Frye for some unknown reason. This year QB studies like Jaworski have gone on record saying Anderson is definately NOT a fluke, and some have gone as far as saying CLE should trade Quinn just so Anderson knows he is there guy. And Jaws is definately not the only guy singing his praises.

I think Anderson is as good or better than any of this years rookies. Remember he isnt far from a rookie this season. He was a PS player, and played in a few games last season.

If we could get Anderson for a round 2 this year and next, I would be ALL over it. We would still likely have a 1st, 2nd and (2) 3rds to work with for other holes, and end up with a NFL ready and proven QB.

Now the kink that could get in the way is Bill Parcells. I read a rumor that said he was willing to trade the #1 pick for him, which IMO makes sense. They get a proven QB, and he will probably be 10-20M cheaper (with less guaranteed $) than the #1 overall pick.

And CLE has the cap room for that pick and could add Chris Long or Glenn Dorsey to their ailing (and below average) front 3 or add DMC to make their offense one of the truly elite in the NFL.

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Let me get this straight.

You want to trade a first rounder for this guy, then re-sign him to a "market value" contract and then put him behind THIS o-line?

If you trade for this guy and then re-sign him how are we going to improve the o-line? Re-signing him will take away from being able to sign the few FA lineman we be able to get in the first place.

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Absolutely. this guy is muc better than any qb in the draft, or any qb in the draft last year. he is only 24, has oe of the strongest arms in the nfl, can make any throw, and is incredibly poised in the pocket. He isnt a great runner, but he can avoid the rush a little bit. this guy will be a franchise qb. i just hope its here.

he looks much better than any other qb to come out in the past few years after just 20 games

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WhenFalconsWin (1/2/2008)

So your saying Anderson is worth more than Schaub? The two 2s plus a player no way! The only thing Anderson did was shrink his value with his play down the stretch. In the playoff hunt Cleveland went 2-3 down the stretch where he failed to reach an 80 QB rating in all but one game and Cleveland failed to make the playoffs. I would consider him but for a lot less than Cleveland is asking!

I was saying they will get similar value as we did for Schaub. With that said YES, Anderson is worth more than Schuab. Schaub went 0-2 and looked good in preseason. Anderson went 10-6, and almost led a team who started the season 32nd in all power polls to the playoffs. He set the single season TD record for the Browns, and helped get CLE to the top 10 in NFL offenses.

And anyone saying he had nothing to do with it is nuts. I am a CLE fan, and seeing week one with Charlie Frye (and the 06 season) under center is enough proof for me.

Not to mention every person getting paid for their football knowledge feels this guy is for real, and many said CLE should get rid of Quinn because they have a proven guy under center in Anderson.

So, without a doubt Anderson is worth more than Schaub was when we traded him. To think otherwise is nuts.

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BruceReville (1/2/2008)
3 years in the league and has one good year only -- he couldn't even beat out Charlie Frye for the starting position last year - I have a pan and I have seen the flash

his first season he was a PS player that was drafted in round 6.

Last season Frye was coming into his second season, and was handed the job after being a fairly high draft pick. Anderson looked better than Frye when he got game time last season, but CLE still gave the reigns back to Frye when he got healthy for whatever reason.

Many players didnt come out until their 2nd year of getting a shot. Doesnt mean they arent as good as guys that are spoon fed the position because of their draft slot.

My concern isnt if Anderson is good enough. It is if we would be wasting a pick trading for him because we have our own "gem" in Redman. I mean the guy was a 3rd round pick and starter before. He was out of football because he got hurt bad, not because he didnt have the talent. People forget that.

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