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This is why we need to draft O-line

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brooking/beast (1/2/2008)
Whats the purpose of a run game when theres 3 or 4 d-line men in your back field before the gets handeled by the QB. Come on man are you blind or somthing.

running up the middle?or where the DE once was?the DE's where the only guys getting pressure.There was rarely pressure up the middle.

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EXACTLY!! everyone talks about how good ap was this season.. yes he is a good running back.. but does anyone watch the games? he has gaps to run through like the grand canyon.. he happens to be running behind one of the best lines in the NFL.. so no body ever compare him to a barry sanders yet.. however the vikings are a great example.. if you get a good enough o-line you are destined to excell in your offense someway..

personally I like that baker kid out of USC.. but its prolly because i am a trojan fan.. just want us to draft someone that has the abilty not only to do his job but to make his teammates better as well... and someone whos not a robert gallery!!!

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What a terrible example to use. The run and shoot and Martz's offense are not predicated upon pass protection. They are predicated on 2 and 3 step release passes. Mostly short routes, which call for wrs that can get yards after the catch.

If you remember in the Rams heyday (before everyone figured out their offense) they had a potential HOF OT Orlando Pace lined up at LT yet Warner was always on his backside.

What UGA did was cover the wrs excellently. Brennan showed why he is not ready for the NFL, by not being able to do what Warner and Bulger do (yet, he may improve) and make that quick decision despite great coverage (which he will always see in the NFL, as compared to playing San Jose State CBs).

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