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Marty would be here for a long time.

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I keep reading about Marty being a guy who would only be here for 2 years before he left.

I dont know how he got this phantom reputation as being a guy who just bolts on teams when he feels like it. His coaching record says differently.

5 years with the Browns then hired away to coach KC.

In KC for 10 years then resigned after going 7-9 in that last year.

Was Redskins coach for one year then FIRED by Snyder to make room for Spurrier.

5 years with San Diego where he was also fired.

So how does this guy get stuck with the stigma that he is another Petrino? It just isnt true and although the odds are slim he would be our next coach the excuse that he wouldnt be here long is not a valid one.

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