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There is a 3-way tie for the 3rd pick between the Falcons, Chiefs and Raiders. Even after all tie breakers were enforced, it remains a tie. There will be a coin toss held at the annual combines (Feb 20 I believe) to determine picks 3-5. The league determined the initial toss will be between the Falcons and Raiders. If the Falcons win that toss, we pick 3rd with the Raiders and Chiefs picking 4th and 5th. If the Raiders win the initial toss, the Falcons and Chiefs will then toss. The best the Falcons can do is the 3rd pick and the worst is 5th. I'm almost certain this is the correct process, but you can check me out on the Falcons main page at atlantafalcons.com. It is a bummer we have to wait until next month, but that's the deal. This will be the next time all GM's will be in the same place at the same time. I guess it is reasonable to think the team reps would want to be present for such an important event.

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