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Deangelo Hall just doesn't get it.


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bird_man73 (12/31/2007)
He continues to stir the pot and add to his list of haters. The man has picked Hawaii to beat the Dawgs!!! I have let the rest of his talk go by the wayside, but this is the last straw!!! :P

I pick the dawgs to lose to Hawaii as well.....sorry bro...lol....Im a Gator fan though.....but no disrespect to the dawgs....but Hawaii has a potent offense

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Dirtybird (12/31/2007)
hawaii isn't boise State from last year and Ga isn't OK from last year. GA is going to kill the rainbow warriors BC there name is the rainbow warriors. LOCK

I believe the same, but stranger things have happened. Richt just better have the team fired up to kick some rainbow butt!

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Absolute (12/31/2007)
Statick (12/31/2007)
Hall can have his opinion, but there's no way that Hawaii is going to beat Georgia.

Don't let that 12-0 fool you. They haven't played anyone and UGA has a better defense and more athletes.

That's funny...Oklahoma said the same thing last year.:hehe:

That's Oklahoma.

Oklahoma ain't Georgia.

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