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# Sources: Ravens fire coach Billick

# Parcells fires Miami GM Mueller

The team fired their head coach Monday, FOXSports.com has learned, capping an extremely disappointing season.

This comes one day after FOX Sports reported that the players and other employees informed team owner Steve Biscotti that Billick had completely lost the locker room and could not win them back.

Billick was hired as an offensive guru but during his tenure it was his defenses that won for the Ravens, especially their Super Bowl title. Over time Billick was unable to get his QBs to star and his offenses stalled year in and year out.

Earlier this year he proclaimed that he had been given the vote of confidence from Biscottit but that was never confirmed and was obviously not true.

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Bermuda Falcon (bdafalcon) (12/31/2007)
Intertesting news. He was so sure he was safe.

Brian Billick would be good for us. He is a proven winner, hes pretty disciplined, his teams have had good defenses but maybe have someone like Mike Martz to run the offense. Brain's offenses of late have really sucked, maybe because of the QB issues maybe not.

I have something......Brian Billick is an offensive guru...apparently.....well the Ravens have finished 20th or worse in offense his entire tenure in Baltimore......thats not a coach i want with a team that has some weapons on offense......

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