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Is anyone opposed to this?


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Draft a QB in the 2nd or 3rd round.

Start Redman next year

Redman plays until the new QB is ready (I'm thinking a year)

Redman has played well 2/3s of the games he started. (Lets not forget the game he almost won for us scoring 2 TDs on 2 drives back to back) This guy hasn't touched a football in years and has won us a game...which is saying a lot. No offense.

He will work that rust off in the off season and at least be a good starter until we get a rookie QB ready. Then, Redman can play as a good back up.

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That's exactly what I expect us to do, unless the new coaching staff just doesn't like Redman. We need to give him some more tools to work with - namely better offensive linemen - but I think our offense would be serviceable with him at QB for a season while our rookie learns the new system.

And then I'd keep Harrington or Shockley as the 3rd stringer, depending on who looks better in camp.

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