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g-dawg (12/31/2007)
well, the obvious answer is.....whoever the New GM(who we don't know, BTW) wants....

Having said that, I think there will much pressure to bring in McFadden if he's available. I think its 50/50 that he slips to #3 pick....

so, my answer: McFadden

At this point I would have to agree that Mcfadden is the one we will go for first if possible!!:)
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Honestly, I believe that any Atlanta execs monitoring this board and local sports discussions would have to note the remarkable interested being shown in our getting McFadden. That's not the reason to draft a player, of course, but McFadden serendipitously offers the perfect combination of being the best player while also offering the most fan satisfaction on the whole. He's destroyed the SEC and we are right smack dab in the middle of SEC country.

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