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wonder if Portis will be fined for wearing a undershirt for Sean Taylor


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I was just about to post a thread here about that...

I mean, I hate to say it, but if they dont fine him they are hypocrites. Its not like wearing a number 7 on your eyeblack is protesting an NFL decision or even the federal ruling. Its showing support for someone going through hard times.

If you fine Hall for wearing a number 7, you also have to fine Portis for showing his Sean Taylor shirt.

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Same Ol Falcons (12/31/2007)
These threads are stupid

It's against the law to run ared light but when in a funeral line they run them all the time

You make exceptions for the dead not the dumb

Lol, that's definitely Hall of Fame.

Sean Taylor DIED...Vick went to prison for commiting multiple felonies. Kind of a difference.

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